Other Whiskey Cocktails

You've heard it before but it bears repeating: We're living in a golden age of whiskey. Never has more whiskey been made and more whiskey cocktails mixed in more places than right now. Check out some of the best whiskey drinks and start mixing.
Whiskey & Coke
Whiskey & Coke
Dubliner cocktail
Golden-hued Whiskey Highball in tall highball glass with carbonated bubbles rising, on dark solid background
Whiskey Highball
High Tide cocktail
High Tide
A short rocks glass sits in the corner of a wooden windowsill, a window just out of frame behind it. The glass is filled with ice and a red-orange drink, and is garnished with four thin slices of apple and a plastic red and black key.
Big Red Sun
Irish Affogato cocktail in an Irish Coffee glass, topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings
Irish Affogato
Bootstitch cocktail
Japanese Sour cocktail in a coupe, with a frothy top that is decorated with drops of bitters, served on a round tray
Japanese Sour
The Bootstitch at Firestone & Robertson distillery in Fort Worth, Texas
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amber-colored High Seas cocktail served in a Nick and Nora glass
High Seas
Cave Creek cocktail
Cave Creek
Reverse Manhattan cocktail
5 Modern Takes on the Reverse Manhattan
Irish Coffee Cocktail in glass mug next to a jar of cream
Irish Coffee
Canadian Manhattan cocktail
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two washington apple shots on a wooden table
Washington Apple Shot
The History and Secrets of the Hot Toddy
Hot Toddy cocktail in a glass mug with lemon wheel and cloves
Hot Toddy
Irish Coffee: 5 Delicious Ways to Reconsider the Famed Cocktail
vieux carre cocktail in gold-laced glass with lemon peel garnish
Vieux Carré
alabama slammer cocktail with orange garnish and green background
Alabama Slammer
Sweet Tea Smash
16 Whiskey Cocktails That Are Perfect for Summer
Irish Blonde cocktail
20 Irish Whiskey Cocktails to Try Right Now
hand holding a shot glass over a pint of Guinness to make an Irish Shot
Irish Shot
Irish Maid cocktail on the rocks with a cucumber garnish
Irish Maid
A tall Collins glass sits on a rustic wooden table, a brick wall in the background. The drink within is bright orange and cloudy, with a few large ice cubes floating in it.
Frisky Whiskey
White Summer Sazerac
Washington Apple cocktail in a coupe glass garnished with an apple slice
Washington Apple
A tall glass coffee mug rests on a wooden table. The mug hold dark black coffee with a thick layer of white foam dusted with nutmeg.
The Dead Rabbit Irish Coffee
A rocks glass with wide-set, thin, unembellished walls holds three large ice cubes, a dark red whiskey drink, and a thin orange peel. It sits on a round wooden surface.
Irish Old Fashioned
Irish Raktajino
Café Correcto con Coco
A tapered Collins glass sits on a pale blonde placement. The glass is filled with a light golden sparkling beverage over ice and garnished with a lime wheel. The background is sky blue.
Irish Buck
Black Barrel Old Fashioned
Hearn cocktail
A tall, gently tapered highball glass sits on a silver bar tray, which rests on hardwood. The glass is filled with a brown highball drink and a number of large ice cubes, with a gentle dusting of nutmeg on top.
Isaiah Rynders
A cocktail class with a rounded, tapered lip holds a vividly gold drink garnished with a slice of orange peel. The glass rests on a brightly lit gray surface.
Irish Blonde
Head of Steam cocktail
Head of Steam
Lone Oak cocktail
Lone Oak
Nose to Cocktail
The Nose to Cocktail
A tall pilsner glass holds a bright red drink over crushed ice, garnished with mint and a cherry.
Serpent-less Swizzle
In the foreground, a Collins glass with a faceted bottom rests on a wicker coaster. It’s filled with a green highball, a spear of ice, a fake bamboo straw and a maple leaf candy garnish. In the background out of focus is a bottle of Japanese whisky.
Green Tea Highball
A beveled rocks glass with a reddish-brown stirred cocktail, three clear ice cubes, and a thin apple slice
Good Cork
A patterned Nick & Nora glass rests on a coaster on a wooden bar top. The drink within is a clear red.
Psycho Killer
Shoe Maker
Irish Jack Rose
green-colored John the Baptist cocktail in a Collins glass, served over ice and dusted with fresh nutmeg
John the Baptist
A rocks glass is filled with an opaque orange drink. The glass sits on a ringed, sky-blue mat.
A deep red-brown stirred cocktail in an ornate stemmed cocktail glass against a dark gray background
orange-hued Brotherhood cocktail in a coupe glass with an orange peel garnish
nail in the coffin cocktail in a Nick & Nora glass, set against a reflective wall
Nail in the Coffin
The Dead Rabbit Coffee Cocktail
The Dead Rabbit Coffee Cocktail
Citius, Altius, Fortius
Eye Opener cocktail in a rocks glass with white froth, served next to coffee beans
Eye Opener
A tall, thin Irish Coffee mug rests on a dark gray marbled surface. The glass mug holds a pale gold drink with a thick layer of white foam, dusted with nutmeg, at the top.
Gaelic Flip
Luck of the Irish cocktail
Luck of the Irish
Valentino cocktail
Tender Nob cocktail in a rocks glass with clear ice and orange twist and lemon twist garnishes
Tender Nob
Burgundy cocktail