Tips & Tricks: This is the Right Way to Stir a Cocktail

Love Martinis and Manhattans? You need to learn how to stir a cocktail the right way. Top bartender Brian Means from Dirty Habit shows you how to stir it up correctly at Rye in San Francisco. Check out the rest of our Tips & Tricks series here for videos on how to SHAKE, STRAIN, MUDDLE, and CHILL a glass like a pro.



  • zhuatclfk.67fb1 posted 4 weeks ago

    I see this is an old article and lol'ing at the comments that are right on track, but I can't stay silent anyway. I've been stirring my manhattans and martinis for years and it turns out... I've been doing it right!

  • alritelad posted 2 years ago

    This video is pretty much useless when it come to teaching bartenders how to stir a drink. Why bother? How do you stir a drink liquor. Com?
    Well you know, just stir it.
    Oh, thanks.

  • ginmarsni posted 2 years ago

    does it matter which way it's stirred.....clockwise or counter clockwise.......someone told me that a martini should be stirred 52 times around the mixer glass...any truth to that?...asks ginmarsni/the old codger

  • pacific posted 2 years ago

    I agree, an actual demonstration of how to hold and rotate the spoon would be in order. This video doesn't give you any of that. Off to youtube, search "how to stir a cocktail" ...

  • magnuskjeldsen.4b9694 posted 2 years ago

    I was hoping for a little technique, you know "hold top of spoon with index finger and thumb........

  • prufrock posted 2 years ago

    Has everyone seen the video for the "Woodford Reserve Mint Julep" with the woman who clearly has never in her life actually seen a Julep? With the cheesy slide guitar noodling? I could not get past this in this video, though the advice given here is pretty good. I would add, however, that it's important to use fresh, cold, clean ice, and lots of it when you stir to avoid too much dilution. I learned this from an early mentor back in 1976, and he learned during his years working some of Manhattan's best and most legendary bars in the 1930s and onwards.

    Also, in full disclosure, I play bottleneck and Dobro, and not awesomely, so I can't help but hear that when it's used. Picky bastard and old curmudgeon. And a bartender... so there ya go.

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