Tips & Tricks: This is the Right Way to Muddle a Cocktail

Mojitos and Caipirinhas are nothing without perfectly muddled mint and lime. Brian Means from Dirty Habit demonstrates the proper technique for extracting oils and juices with a muddler at Rye in San Francisco. Check out the rest of our Tips & Tricks series here for videos on how to SHAKE, STIR, STRAIN, and CHILL a glass like a pro.



  • HDTV posted 1 year ago

    Good point not to over muddle herbs. I don't like it when my drink is clogged with fragments of herbs.

  • pacific posted 2 years ago

    How do you suggest caring for an unfinished wood muddler? Wood may absorb the scent of stronger ingredients, and be hard to get clean. A separate muddler for each ingredient is not realistic for the home bar.

  • Navatech posted 2 years ago

    With cocktails that also call for sweetness I add a little bit of rough sugar... The crystals work as a sort of sandpaper and help release the flavors of, for example, the mint...

  • jebjr24yahoocom1266486030 posted 2 years ago

    Put simple syrup in with mint leaves when muddling?

  • posted 2 years ago

    Thanks !! I learnt to muddle it right way!! Thumbs up!!

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