Tips & Tricks: This is the Right Way to Chill a Cocktail

Don’t overlook this crucial element of the craft cocktail. Brian Means from Dirty Habit shows you how to chill glasses the right way at Rye in San Francisco. Check out the rest of our Tips & Tricks series here for videos on how to SHAKE, STIR, STRAIN, and MUDDLE like a pro.



  • reinbergs posted 2 months ago

    In addition to chilling the glass I use a double walled glass. Then to make an intense drink not watered down by ice, I freeze a 3.2 oz. Travel bottle in the freezer with the liquor. It stays liquid. Best for Martinis.
    After pouring the drink I top the glass with a silicone rubber lid.

  • amarmehta22.3eb9d3c posted 2 years ago

    never spray water into a iced cocktail glass. It doesn't chill a glass nearly as enough as ice alone. Chill a glass with ice alone for best results.

  • posted 2 years ago

    never handle a chilled glass other than by the stem of glass.n leaves fingere prints and warms the cocktail.

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