How to Serve Ricard Pastis

How to Cocktail: Ricard Pastis

Cocktail expert Simon Ford shows you how to serve Ricard Pastis. This traditional method for drinking the French spirit is simple and delicious.


  • 1 oz Ricard Pastis
  • 1 dash Grenadine (optional)
  • 5 oz Cold water
  • Glass: Highball

Add the Ricard Pastis (and grenadine, if desired) to a highball glass and pour in the
water. Fill with ice and stir.



  • Elton Vegas posted 10 months ago

    I've worked as a bar manager for a French chain of hotels so have had the pleasure of serving gallons and gallons of the stuff!.. ..The different regions of France all tend have their own way of being served but in general, the way of the Marseillaise would be the most popular (as it also happens to be the home of Ricard).. The preferred glass is a highball, however the version used tends to be thinner than a regular (there is also a glass known as a 'Martigue' which is used solely for Pastis).
    Start with the 2.5cl of Pastis (this is just under 1oz), if no preference is given to ice, place two ice cubes in.. ..You should have a small jug with fresh water in and its with this, you half fill the glass, stir and then present the glass, with the jug, to the client (leaving the stirrer in).
    The French are incredibly fussy about this drink and appreciate being able to dilute to their hearts content - this way of serving also allows a more elegant service.
    In terms of varieties, there is also:
    La Soleil (The sunshine) - with a dash of Lemon syrup
    La Mazout (Fuel) - with, not even joking, coke (normally asked for by the belgians) - careful though, in Germany, a mazout is Beer mixed with coke
    Le Velo (Bicycle) - with a dash of Orange syrup

    Note: If you're adding a dash of syrup, make sure thats the first thing that goes in - the second the pastis follows, everything will start mixing - put it in second and it'll stay at the bottom....

    Have fun!

    PS A mauresque translates as 'Moorish'! ;-)

  • fredtassinhotmailcom155232544 posted 2 years ago

    When you add Grenadine to a pastis, it is called a "Tomate" (tomatoe). You can also add mint syrup ; it is called a "Perroquet" (a parrot). And finally, my favorite is with Orgeat syrup ; its name is the "Mauresque" (no idea how to translate this !)

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