How to Pronounce Grand Marnier

Watch this video to learn how to pronounce a BIG one: Grand Marnier Cuvée du Cent Cinquantenaire. Want to learn how to pronounce the names of other tongue-twisting spirits? Check out the full video here, or read about it in our slideshow: 10 Spirits You’re Definitely Mispronouncing.



  • rickgraves49gmailcom1441548222 posted 1 year ago

    Well we knew most people are irretrievably ignorant, but most hilarious is the bartender who's going to put us all right on our pronunciation, and who can't pronounce the word"cognac" ! No doubt he calls himself Co- lin and he spends his life making coke- tails. Perhaps his girlfriend's name is cone- chita. Americans ! Honestly !

  • supersuzi1234gmailcom1155089 posted 2 years ago


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