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The Riddler

(image: Kassie Borreson)

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The Riddler

Yes, it’s tiny, perpetually packed and noisy. You have to play your cards right to get a spot in this Hayes Valley charmer (and newcomer since January from Jen Pelka). But once you do, you’re rewarded with San Francisco’s ultimate Champagne bar, all women-funded and mostly female-staffed in a wood-lined, black, white and gold-accented space set against big picture windows.

THE DRINK TO DRINK: There are options to suit a range of budgets and palates, with a menu of more than 100 Champagnes, heavy on grower-producers, vintage wines from traditional houses and rare Special Club Champagnes. You might move from sparkling Austrian wines to California bubbly to small Champagne producers from France.

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: While there isn’t a full kitchen, snacks end up being one of the highlights here, starting with free popcorn from a machine, scaling on up to caviar (both excellent sparkling pairings). But it’s the Tater-Tot waffles, topped with the likes of salmon and caviar, that steal the show.

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528 Laguna Street
San Francisco, CA 94102