The Everleigh

The Everleigh

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WHY HERE: Founded by Melbourne bar denizen Michael Madrusan and the late cocktail legend Sasha Petraske in 2011, patrons at The Everleigh are quick to realize that a meticulous focus on crafting classic, quality drinks is the laser-focus of this 1920s-styled gem. After being whisked away by the spell of jazz, plush surroundings and scholarly bartenders, pursue the in-house library of cocktail books.

WHY NOW: It’s easy to remember that Sasha Petraske’s fleet of bars changed the cocktail game forever in New York, but it’s often forgotten that his legacy has a direct extension halfway across the world. Drink at The Everleigh in his honor.

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150-156 Gertrude St.
Melbourne VIC 3065 Australia