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The Aviary

The Aviary

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A Rob Roy presented in a plastic pillow vacuum-sealed with lavender-scented air. An Old Fashioned encased in a hollow eggshell of ice. A vac-pot tea-infused drink steeped tableside. If The Aviary’s cocktails sound pretentious, it’s because they are. But they taste as good as they look—and they’re gorgeous. They’re assembled by a bar staff masquerading as line cooks, busily working behind a transparent screen in the front bar. This is Grant Achatz territory, after all.

THE DRINK TO DRINK: ​In the Rocks, a variation of which has been on the menu since opening night, slingshot included

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: ​Reservations are a must. Don’t come here on a budget either, or you’re missing the point.

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955 W Fulton Market
at Morgan St.
Chicago, IL 60607