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Todd Thrasher made speakeasies in the D.C. metro area cool years before the cool kids knew they were cool. Got it? Good. For better or worse, there was a long line of imitators that followed in PX's wake, but definitely for the better, there's also been a who's who of D,C, bartenders who have learned under or been influenced by Thrasher. The intimate 25-seat PX, which just celebrated 10 years, is also one of the more authentically true-to-form speakeasies, with a classy, vintage vibe and legitimate confusion for how first-timers find the joint. Proper attire is encouraged.

THE DRINK TO DRINK: A Champagne cocktail delivered aflame with a fiery sugar cube is a good start, or finish, to most evenings. Or grab the best Grog you've ever had, with lemon verbena tea and rum.

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: Reservations are required, and last-minute cancellations could get your credit card charged. Look for the blue light on Columbus Street; PX is above Eamonn's.

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728 King St.
Alexandria, VA 22314