Pare de Sufrir

Pare de Sufrir

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WHY HERE: Mezcal enthusiasts, this is your mecca. Located in Guadalajara, where the burgeoning arts scene is only rivaled by the ever-growing cocktail community, the bar is home to one of the biggest lists of small-batch mezcal producers in the country and a staff eager to discuss every step of the smoky spirit’s production.

WHY NOW: Pare de Sufrir (which means “stop suffering”) is a funky hidden gem now—there are even some seriously trippy murals on the walls—but it won’t stay this way for long. If you’re a true agave devotee, it’s time to make your pilgrimage before mezcal’s profile continues to rise and the masses start pouring in.

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Calle Argentina 66 Americana
44160 Guadalajara, Jal., México