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Pagan Idol

Pagan Idol

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WHY HERE: Tiki is a culture more than it is a place, but this relatively new S.F. bar embodies what a Tiki fever dream might look like. Built to resemble the cabin of a ship—and the tropical world beyond—the bar takes revelers through thatched huts and near volcanoes. The rum-heavy drinks likewise look the part; scorpion bowls, Mai Tais and punches in pineapples and coconuts are all on offer.

WHY NOW: We’re past the age of pretentious cocktail bars; drinking these days is mostly about fun. That’s why Tiki is back in vogue, and Pagan Idol is an important addition to the scene. Beyond the décor, get into the Tiki spirit with regular performances of live West Coast jazz, surf and even traditional Hawaiian.

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375 Bush St.
San Francisco, CA 94104