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Pacific Seas

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Pacific Seas

Find yourself instantly transported to the Golden Age of Travel once you step into this much-anticipated Tiki bar at Clifton’s Cafeteria and homage to the original Clifton’s Pacific Seas (1930–1960). Every corner is meticulously decorated with vintage Tiki artifacts, some hailing from the original location, making it easy to forget you’re actually in Downtown L.A. Naturally, favorite Tiki concoctions are what’s on the menu here. But think classic Trader Vic’s with house-made ingredients not sickly sweet ’80s style.

The Drink To Drink: Any self-respecting Tiki bar will have a decent Daiquiri, and Pacific Seas takes the opportunity to show off with its own house Daiquiri made with white rum, apricot liqueur, lime and cinnamon cordial.

Know Before You Go: To gain entry to the Tiki bar, you must first go on a treasure hunt. Ask for a gold doubloon from the host stand on the first floor of Clifton’s Republic, and then hand it off to the hostess behind the mirror door at the Pacific Seas entrance.

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648 S Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90014