(image: Neil Burger)

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Sushi, sake and BBQ comprise the promising trifecta at celebrity chef Richard Sandoval’s “hidden roof” atop the newly relocated Conrad Chicago. Billed as a restaurant and styled as a lounge, Noyane caters to off-the-clock locals and hotel guests in search of drinks with a view. The cheeky menu is modeled after a sort of graphic novel/mail-order catalog/zine and features a well-rounded sample of bites (hot-stone wagyu, shrimp-and-pork gyoza) as well as sake, beer and Japanese-inspired cocktails.

THE DRINK TO DRINK: Avoid the cocktails and instead try a new-to-you sake, or go off-menu with Hibiki on the rocks.

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: Take the elevators on the right side of the bank to avoid a potentially lengthy transfer.

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101 E. Erie St.
Chicago, IL 60611