Midnight Rambler

Midnight Rambler

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WHY HERE: Midnight Rambler has a sophisticated, approachable vibe for drinking boozy cocktails with fresh ingredients, all in a space inspired by the dark glamour of primitive rock ’n’ soul and New York grit. The sophisticated drinker will appreciate the staff's dedication to strange and uncommon concoctions, for example the Pho-King Champ, a shot of wheat vodka mixed with oloroso sherry, aromatized beef stock and cilantro leaf.

WHY NOW: Located in the basement of The Joule hotel, this spot brings out the best of Dallas with a mixed crowd and crafty cocktails that range from aromatic (think spiced bourbon and stone fruit with acacia honey) to sour-based (jasmine-infused pisco with pineapple, lime and nutmeg). You can also get house-made soda because, well, why not?

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1530 Main St.
Dallas, TX 75201