Melrose Umbrella Co.

Melrose Umbrella Co.

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Located on Melrose Avenue, the hip stretch populated with a range of bars from dive to sports bar to gastropub, this coffeehouse/cocktail bar is currently the only spot in the hood offering craft cocktails. It also happens to be a favorite bartender’s hangout. Credit the lively bar team of top L.A. bartenders, the dedicated Old Fashioned cocktail menu and the always-flowing fernet on tap.

The Drink to Drink: Check out the Conquistador Old Fashioned, with reposado tequila, coffee syrup, Licor 43, and fig and cinnamon bitters.

Know Before You Go: Hungry? Order food from Eric Greenspan’s grilled cheese sandwich restaurant next door. Your cocktail server will even get it for you.

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7465 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046