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Ludlow Liquors

Ludlow Liquors

When bartenders Wade McElroy and Jeff Donahue (Sportsman’s Club, Estereo) took on a transformation of Orbit Room last summer, it didn’t quite stick. Turns out the decade-old dive bar needed more than a kitschy refresh. So when they started over, they put their mark on it. The result is Ludlow Liquors, a refreshingly chill lounge with the low-lit allure of its dive-y predecessor combined with really good drinks priced for the proletariat. Half of the menu is available per ounce—shot, single and double—which is an excellent way to try a new cocktail before committing. There’s also a menu of standards (which are, well, standard), canned and draft beer and “no-bullshit” wine.

THE DRINK TO DRINK: The ​Careless Whisper: Rittenhouse rye, Apologue aronia berry liqueur, Peychaud’s bitters and absinthe

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: ​The food, which is served under the name Old Habits, is getting rave reviews, especially the rib tips.

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2959 N. California St.
Chicago, IL 60618