Little Mountain

Little Mountain

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So Brooklyn-sweet it could give you artisanal cavities, this 270-square-foot jewel box of a bar hails from the folks at Black Mountain Wine House (around the corner). Seating only 18 people, it gives off a sort of Vermont-farmhouse-chic vibe. A short list of straightforward well-made classics (think Daiquiri, Old Fashioned, Martinez) are joined by two cocktail taps offering seasonal bases (say, Campari and sweet vermouth or a hibiscus spritzer), which can be sipped as they are or customized with the spirit of your choice.

THE DRINK TO DRINK: The menu changes seasonally, but try and track down the dry, savory La Palabra Ultima, a Last Word riff featuring tequila, Chartreuse, Luxardo maraschino liqueur and fresh lime juice.

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: As the weather warms, the windows open wide to the street. Expect small bites to join the cocktail menu soon.

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359 Sackett St.
New York, NY 11231