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Lagavulin 16-year-old is commonly regarded as the quintessential expression of Islay malt. This is, of course, a fiercely contentious claim. But the distillery’s visual splendor is never up for debate. From its trademark pear-shaped stills to the setting at the foot of its eponymous bay, Lagavulin has to be seen to be believed. To fully understand how setting impacts spirit, the Warehouse Demonstration is not to be missed. The barrelhouse manager draws samples from a series of casks, ranging successively upward in maturity, as you taste your way through the aging process in real time. The experience is offered every day at 10:30 a.m.

Power move: After the tour, hike a short distance along the mouth of Lagavulin Bay to arrive at the steps of Dunyvaig Castle, a 12th-century ruin that affords the most instagram-able panorama of the distillery, dramatically framed across the water.

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Isle of Islay, PA42 7DZ

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  • stillmeellen.c678f posted 2 months ago

    I was lucky enough to be introduced to single malts at the fine young age of 30 while continuing another almost lost fine craft, braiding and knotting leather implements;). Anyhow, Lagavulin, won my taste and warmed my heart. Every year I by myself a birthday bottle and in between I go to my favorite tasting bar and settle in for two fingers or four! I may be able to handle little Archive if my bottle is empty at my favorite chair, but nothing else could fill my ❤️ but the smoky smell and the warm in my belly to bring back the memories of my good friends!

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