Frank N Hank

Frank N Hank

Whenever a long-beloved dive bar changes owners, there’s usually an uproar. But this wasn’t the case with Koreatown’s barfly hang Frank N Hank. Beer Belly owner Jimmy Han, who acquired the bar last year, only improved things with a craft beer component, a liquor list by Bon Vivants’ Karen Grill and a credit card machine. But it’s still the spot to throw darts while knocking back Boilermakers.

The Drink To Drink: Yes, Boilermaker combinations! The bartenders carefully choose craft beer to pair with a spirit that will complement its flavor profile.

Know Before You Go: Have dinner at the dive! The bar encourages its patrons to order food to be delivered, especially from Beer Belly, which will give priority to orders from Frank N Hank.

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518 S Western Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90020