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The team behind Fountainhead, which opened in 2010, already hit a home run with the intimate Uptown neighborhood spot Bar on Buena. They built on that success and opened a more upscale (in look and feel, but hardly in attitude) place a couple of miles west. Fountainhead brings together good food (crafted by Cleetus Friedman), great beer and even better bourbon, which clocks in at more than 150 options. The spot has four single casks (Henry McKenna, Buffalo Trace, Four Roses Cask Strength and Angel’s Envy) and about 40 to 50 rare bourbons—not to mention 30 other American whiskies, 50 ryes, 40 Irish and more than 320 Scotches. Chef Friedman incorporates bourbon into many dishes, like bacon smoked using wood from old bourbon barrels, and the tavern offers tastings, speaker series, bourbon dinners and more.

The Arlington, which incorporates Bulleit Bourbon–soaked Mick Klug Farm cherries, maple syrup and fresh grapefruit juice.

Take advantage of the warmer months and camp out on the roof garden so you can taste through plenty of bourbon.

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1970 W. Montrose Ave.
Chicago, IL 60613