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Devil's Advocate

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Devil's Advocate

WHY HERE: If you’re looking for the perfect place to toggle back-and-forth all night between sampling top-notch local spirits (ahem, scotch) and simple-yet-refined drinks, Devil’s Advocate is your place. Located in an old Victorian pump house, the bar-slash-pub has all the castle-like stonework and glass-clinking conviviality you’d expect and isn’t afraid to poke fun at stereotypes, with drink names like the Coughing Up Tweed (scotch, aquavit, Bénédictine and lemon).

WHY NOW: No longer simply a destination locale for peat-loving scotch fanatics, Edinburgh might just be the next European darling of the craft cocktail scene. Devil’s Advocate is a big part of the reason. Don’t shy away from the bar’s scotch-based cocktails after you’ve had your fill of the straight stuff.


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