Big Star

Big Star

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Few bars have so much going for them: excellent tequila- and whiskey-based drinks, tacos worth the (sometimes very long) wait, an all-vinyl soundtrack of classic Americana, a massive bar and a patio that calls like a siren come summertime. This is one of the most popular bars in town, for locals and visitors alike. Just in time for the Cubs season opener this spring, Big Star Wrigleyville is expected to open with a two-story taco den directly across from the stadium, at Hotel Zachary (3640 N. Clark Street).

THE DRINK TO DRINK: ​La Paloma, topped with Mexican Squirt

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: If you’re day-drinking, skip the patio line and head to the bar. It’s more fun inside, anyway.

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1531 N Damen Ave
btwn W Pierce Ave & N Wicker Pk Ave
Chicago, IL 60622