Barrel Proof

Barrel Proof

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A den for all things dark liquor, Barrel Proof is the go-to spot for whiskey in New Orleans. A standout selection of whiskeys range from the Kentucky-based bourbon classics to more unusual whiskey sippers, like a 15-year Yoichi from Japan crafted using direct coal fire stills. For those on a budget, a $5 beer-and-a-shot (High Life pony and shot of Mello Corn whiskey) option is one of the city’s most appealing—and twee—ways to catch a quick, cheap buzz.

Know Before You Go: The space is notably dark and can feel cavernous after the sun goes down. Not the best option for a chit-chatty first date or negotiation-heavy business cocktail.

Drink to Drink: Outside the whiskey realms, Barrel Proof is also one of the city’s only bars serving The Pendennis Club—a gin-and-apricot classic originally crafted at its Louisville, Kentucky, namesake. This bar does it right.

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1201 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70130