Bacchanal Wine

Bacchanal Wine

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If anywhere in New Orleans best captures that drippy, dreamy Deep South vibe, it’s Bacchanal. A wine shop and outdoor courtyard that’s full of trees dripped in Christmas lights and lawn chairs clustering around tiki torch–lit tables, Bacchanal is a whimsical place for both imbibing and sampling a range of inspired dishes, like grilled hangar steak with strawberries confit and chicken leg with white beans. There’s never a shortage of positive energy and chattering groups of friends who are more than willing to share tables and bottles with their neighbors. A changing schedule of local musicians play each evening in the courtyard, ensuring there will always be mood music while sipping wine and nibbling on a well-curated cheese plate.

The Drink to Drink: The wine selection is (obviously) top-notch, and you can’t go wrong with a crisp rosé on a summer night. But the Hibiscus Old Fashioned from the upstairs indoors bar makes Bacchanal’s floral ambiance an even more immersive experience.

Know Before You Go: The tiki torches in the courtyard have bug-repelling agents in them by report, but it’s never a bad idea to double up on the bug spray.

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600 Poland Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70117