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Cure what ails you at this apothecary-inspired bar north of Chinatown. Like at its Manhattan location, the prescription-themed drink menu is categorized according to the purported healing powers of each cocktail’s ingredient, whether herbs, botanicals or fruit. Pick up your prescriptions for Aphrodisiacs, Stimulants and Euphoric Enhancers from the lab-coat-wearing bartenders.

The Drink to Drink: The Greenseer combines eucalyptus-infused tequila with mezcal, honeydew, spirulina, lime, habañero bitters and micro bull’s blood.

Know Before You Go: For next-level bottle service, order the decanter service for your entourage. Instead of plain booze, house-infused spirits—such as rosemary vodka, thyme rum, sage matcha gin, and eucalyptus and spirulina tequila—are poured.

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1746 N. Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012