If you’re seeking proof that “craft cocktails” have jumped the shark, head to the 26th floor rooftop bar of Dana Hotel and Spa and order the Mr. Nice Guy. Technically, it’s a sage-tinged vodka drink sweetened with pineapple and dehydrated blackberry smoke. Visually, it’s a glass bong filled with Smurf-blue liquid garnished with a bouquet of baby’s breath and a $40 price tag (serves two). Such is the schtick at Apogee—by definition, the farthest orbital point from Earth. The out-of-this-world drinks were designed by veteran barman Benjamin Schiller, who launched his career with a handful of very safe, very good drinks for the Boka Group a decade ago—a couple of which made it all the way to Apogee’s menu.

THE DRINK TO DRINK: ​Depends on how many Instagram likes you’re going for. Here, style rules over substance.

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: ​For the time being, Apogee doesn’t serve any food beyond its complimentary sesame-cracker snackers, but a small-bites menu is in the works.

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2 W. Erie St.
Chicago, IL 60654