Tiki & Tropical Cocktails

Tiki and tropical drinks are the stuff of pool parties and vacation fantasies. But simply plopping an umbrella onto your cocktail won't transport you to a deserted island. And although the names are similar, and the drinks tend to be enjoyed in the same kinds of places, Tiki and tropical cocktails are, in fact, two very different animals. Check out both of these drink types like the Mai Tai and Daiquiri and start mixing.
Angostura Colada cocktail
Angostura Colada
Test Pilot cocktail
Test Pilot
Jet Pilot cocktail
Jet Pilot
Fog Cutter cocktail
Fog Cutter
Dirty Banana cocktail
Dirty Banana
Missionary's Downfall cocktail with pineapple and mint
Missionary’s Downfall
Any Port in a Storm cocktail
Any Port in a Storm
Global City # 2
Global City #2
re:birth cocktail
8 Swizzles to Try Right Now
Bushwacker cocktail
Mango Brava Daiquiri
9 Daiquiri Twists to Try Right Now
Rum Runner cocktail
Rum Runner
Bahama Mama cocktail
Bahama Mama
Mai Kinda Gai cocktail
Mai Kinda Gai
banana daiquiri cocktail on wooden table in front of green leaves
Banana Daiquiri
blue hawaii cocktail with paper umbrella against a red background
Blue Hawaii
Mojito cocktail
Suffering Bastard cocktail with bamboo straw and mint garnish
Suffering Bastard
canchanchara cocktail
daiquiri cocktail in a coupe with a lime twist garnish
hand holding a rum punch cocktail in front of a green background
Rum Punch
A Tiki glass with white markings holds a golden Mai Tai. Crushed ice, mint and a lime wedge pick from above the lip of the glass. The background is wood lines, and the drink rests on a wicker mat.
Latitude 29 Mai Tai
blue hawaiian cocktail with pineapple and umbrella garnish, set against a yellow background
Blue Hawaiian
Caipirinha cocktail in a rocks glass with limes, served on a bamboo mat
bermuda rum swizzle cocktail on blue surface next to green plant
Bermuda Rum Swizzle
Singapore Sling cocktail
Singapore Sling
Hurricane cocktail on a light blue surface beside fresh fruit and juice carafes
Mai Tai cocktail with a dark rum float, mint sprig and lime wheel
Mai Tai
Painkiller cocktail alongside fresh pineapple and nutmeg
pina colada cocktail in a hurricane glass with crushed ice
Piña Colada
miami vice cocktail on blue surface with green plants
Miami Vice
Zombie cocktail in curved Hurricane glass, orange hued over crushed ice with mint sprig garnish, on back background
Zombie Rum Cocktail
Sex on the Beach cocktail garnished with a colorful paper umbrella
Sex on the Beach
A Mason jar with a light green cocktail, crushed ice and a paper straw with limes and more crushed ice placed beside it
Rockey’s & Rum Swizzle
Set the New Year on Fire cocktail in a collins glass, garnished with a flaming lime shell
Set the New Year on Fire
Pearl Diver cocktail in a clear Tiki mug, garnished with a pineapple frond and orchid flower
Pearl Diver
Ruby Relaxer cocktail with orange wheel and umbrella garnish
Ruby Relaxer
Jungle Bird cocktail in crystal-cut rocks glass with pineapple wedge garnish
Jungle Bird
Nui Nui cocktail
Nui Nui
Against a black background, a curved cocktail jar rests on a dark surface. It’s filled with an orange colored hazy drink and ice cubes and garnished with a Thai chili pepper and a pineapple frond.
My Thai
Strawberry Daiquiri in a Margarita glass garnished with an orchid.
Strawberry Daiquiri
blue lagoon cocktail on a marble surface, garnished with a lemon and cherry
Blue Lagoon
Two etched glasses hold a bright orange punch and two slices of orange. The glasses cast long shadows on a pale marble countertop.
Port Royal Punch
A bright red shaken cocktail in a coupe glass against a brown sparkly background
Mary Pickford
Watermelon White Wine Spritzer
Watermelon White Wine Spritzer
A short glass is filled with crushed ice and a brown rum drink. A single pineapple leaf garnishes the drink, and in the background there are bottles of Plantation and Ron Zacapa rums.
Mutual Friend
rainbow planter’s punch cocktail in a punch bowl with citrus wheels, next to filled punch glasses
Rainbow Planter’s Punch
A Collins glass with a thick base rests on a gray marble surface. It’s filled with a salmon-pink colored drink over ice cubes, garnished with a lime wheel.
Pink Flamingo
Old Jamaican cocktail
Old Jamaican
Barbados Rum Punch
Barbados Rum Punch
Beach Bum cocktail
Beach Bum
orange-colored Rum Rangoon cocktail in a cocktail glass, garnished with an orange wedge
Rum Rangoon
Beachbum's Own cocktail
Beachbum’s Own
Jamaican Breeze cocktail in a rocks glass over ice with a lime wheel garnish, served on a red straw mat
Jamaican Breeze
Smuggler's Cove Straits Sling cocktail in a collins glass with a lemon slice garnish and a black straw
Smuggler’s Cove Straits Sling
Kingston Colada cocktail
Kingston Colada
Mango Brava Daiquiri
Mango Brava Daiquiri
Ginger Smash cocktail with pineapple leaf, served on round, woven coaster
Ginger Smash
A glass Tiki mug sits on a bamboo mat. The glass is filled with a yellow slushy drink, and is garnished with an orchid, a paper umbrella, and an orange peel.
La Estrella cocktail in a brandy snifter, garnished with a strawberry half and pineapple on a wooden skewer
La Estrella