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Proven Perfect

Bourbon / American Whiskey , Classics

Port, Fernet Branca and cardamom-infused bitter liqueur take a bourbon cocktail to uncharted territory.

Black & Ginger

Rum , Modern Classics

This rum-based drink takes less than five minutes to prepare.

Black Barrel Sazerac

Rum , Classics Modern Classics

We’ll bet you never expected this tasty twist on the traditional New Orleans recipe.

The Black Key

Rum , Modern Classics

Drinking this rum-based cocktail is a dark, rich experience.

The Mount Gay Old Fashioned

Rum , Classics Modern Classics

Prefer rum to whiskey? This twist on the old timey classic will cure all your ailments.

The Black Barrel Manhattan

Rum , Modern Classics

Try this Caribbean take on the classic rye whiskey drink.


Liqueurs Vodka , Modern Classics

Even whiskey-drinkers can enjoy vodka with this Manhattan-inspired concoction.

Van Leer Rose

Bourbon / American Whiskey , Modern Classics

This bourbon-based cocktail is on the menu at Louisville, Kentucky's watering hole The Monkey Wrench.

Basil Hayden’s Maple Sour

Bourbon / American Whiskey , Modern Classics

This unique twist on a Whiskey Sour uses maple syrup, port and Bittermens Molé Bitters.


Gin , Classics

This boozy classic is named for the French word for jewel.

Green Derby

Bourbon / American Whiskey , Modern Classics

This Rocky Mountain variation on the traditional Brown Derby recipe combines TINCUP Whiskey and grapefruit juice.

Jewel Mine

Bourbon / American Whiskey , Modern Classics

This sweet and tart cocktail is made with a blend of whiskey and pomegranate liqueur.

Rocky Manhattan

Bourbon / American Whiskey , Modern Classics

Try this fresh take on the timeless Manhattan.


Liqueurs , Classics

The Grasshopper cocktail is a minty classic that is better than your traditional dessert.

Chopin Harvest Martini

Vodka , Modern Classics

This pear cocktail gets a boost from bubbly.

Sidra House

Rum , Modern Classics

A tasty mix of rum, cider, sherry, pear brandy and an exotic allspice liqueur.

Plum Toddy

Liqueurs , Hot

Warm up with this modern twist on the traditional Hot Toddy.

Moët Golden Night

Brandy / Cognac , Punches

This sparkling pear-and-cardamom elixir is the official cocktail of the 2014 Golden Globes.


Mezcal Tequila

This tequila-and-mezcal drink with apple cider and ginger beer is a delicious tipple for the fall or winter.

Apple Dandy

Tequila , Modern Classics

Keep the holidays classy with this seasonal tequila tipple.

Vodka Martini

Vodka , Classics Martinis

Take a lesson in suave drinking with this classic Martini recipe.

Smashing Pumpkin

Rum , Modern Classics

Homemade lemon-pumpkin soda is easy to prepare in just a few minutes and lends the Smashing Pumpkin fresh fall flavor. A base of aged rum and allspice liqueur add warming contrast, making this the perfect way to incorporate the season’s favorite squash in your cocktails.

Rusty Apple Toddy

Liqueurs , Hot

One sip of this hot apple-and-Drambuie cocktail will warm you to the core.

Cider Delighter

Vodka , Modern Classics

You’ll be thoroughly delighted after one sip of this autumnal vodka tipple.

Apple Toddy

Bourbon / American Whiskey Brandy / Cognac , Hot

Childhood memories of apple cider with a little something extra to remind you why being an adult is OK, too.

Stoli Gala Temptress

Vodka , Modern Classics

She always leaves you wanting more.

Autumn Rickey

Bourbon / American Whiskey , Modern Classics

Add some maple syrup to the classic Bourbon Rickey to get this sophisticated fall cocktail recipe.

Apple Business


Love apples? Try the Apple Business, an autumnal gin cocktail.

Beggar’s Banquet

Beer Bourbon / American Whiskey , Modern Classics

You'll be begging for this Maker's Mark, maple syrup and beer cocktail.

Fall and Summer

Tequila , Modern Classics

Toast the seasons with this tasty tequila cocktail.

The Tender Knob

Bourbon / American Whiskey

Apple, bourbon and cinnamon create the perfect autumn tipple.

Summer Rye

Rye Whiskey , Modern Classics

It's also good for winter, spring and fall.

USS Richmond Punch

Brandy / Cognac Rum , Classics Punches

All hands on deck for the historic quadruple-liquor USS Richmond Punch.

Holiday at the Hive

Vodka , Martinis

This citrus and honey elixir is a perfectly refreshing way to kick off a party.

Alfie’s Apple

Liqueurs Mezcal , Modern Classics

With a mezcal base plus apple cider and a fizzy apple soda, this cocktail makes an intriguing fall sipper.

Forbidden Fruit

Brandy / Cognac Liqueurs , Modern Classics

With apple, lemon and ginger flavors, it's like autumn in a glass.

Jack-o-Lantern Punch

Rum , Punches

Mix up a whole bunch of this fall-flavored punch for your Halloween party.

Pumpkin & Spice

Vodka , Modern Classics

A clever oatmeal-infused vodka is why this fall drink is truly unique.

Pear & Cranberry Fizz

Vodka , Modern Classics

This concoction will give your fall a fruity and spirited boost.

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