Tequila & Mezcal Cocktails

Most people’s idea of a tequila drink begins and ends with the Margarita. An amazing cocktail, no doubt, but just the tip of the iceberg of what tequila cocktails can be. Check out some of the best tequila drinks and start mixing.
Tia Mia cocktail served in a rocks glass with crushed ice and a lime wheel and mint garnish
Tia Mia
Cafe Royal Matador cocktail in a Nick and Nora glass
Café Royal's Tequila Matador
Mezcal Paloma in highball glass with Tajin salt rim and lime wedge, shot against tan background
Mezcal Paloma
Tequila Espresso Martini served in Nick and Nora glass with thick foam, garnished with three espresso beans and shot against tan background
Tequila Espresso Martini
Siesta cocktail served in a coupe glass and garnished with grapefruit peel, shot against marble backdrop
Neon green Greenhorn cocktail in Nick & Nora glass, with green maraschino cherry at bottom, on marble background
Cantarito cocktail
Haitian Divorce cocktail
Haitian Divorce
Highball glass of Ranch Water with bubbles showing and spent lime wedge inside, with bottle of Topo Chico in the background
Ranch Water
How to Make a More Sustainable Margarita
Super Juice Margarita cocktail
Super Juice Margarita
Kol Zero-Lime Margarita cocktail
Kol Zero-Lime Margarita
Division Bell cocktail
Division Bell
Mexican Firing Squad cocktail
Mexican Firing Squad
Naked and Famous cocktail
Naked & Famous
Vixen cocktail
Jalapeno Diablo cocktail
Jalapeño Diablo
Smoke Follows Beauty cocktail
Smoke Follows Beauty
High Noon cocktail
High Noon
Melaza Punch
Melaza Punch
Cleo cocktail
Strawberry Margarita cocktail
Strawberry Margarita
11 Margarita Variations to Try Right Now
A brightly lit cocktail coupe holds a vidid yellow cocktail with a white foamy head. The glass stands on a white stone surface, with a jet black background.
White Dragon
Oyster Shooters
Oyster Shooter
Bright Lights cocktail
Bright Lights
Espress Ya’Self cocktail
Espress Ya’self
Pimm's Coupe
Pimm’s Coupe
Paloma cocktail in a highball glass with a lime wheel
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Thanksgiving Margarita
Thanksgiving Margarita
Imitation of a Daydream cocktail
Imitation of a Daydream
Paloma cocktail
7 Paloma Riffs to Try Right Now
Black Mole Margarita
Black Mole Margarita
reddish-brown Ruby Hearts cocktail in a Collins glass, garnished with a cinnamon stick balanced on the rim of the glass
Ruby Hearts
Ring the Alarm cocktail
Ring the Alarm
Jose Wallbanger cocktail
José Wallbanger
Landmaster cocktail
Dorado Old Fashioned
Dorado Old Fashioned
9 Easy 3-Ingredient Drinks to Make at Home
Trato Hecho cocktail
20 Tequila and Mezcal Cocktails to Try Right Now
Spicy Margarita in ice-filled rocks glass with half salt rim and jalapeno coin garnish, shot on wooden surface
Spicy Margarita
devil's margarita cocktail next to limes and red wine bottle
Devil’s Margarita
A round rocks glass is set against a solid blue backdrop. The drink within is vivid green, with a few ice cubs and a sprig of cilantro.
Conflict & Compromise
On a solid blue background, a faceted Collins glass holds a pastel-green drink, topped with foam and a fresh lime wheel resting on the lip of the glass.
Horn of the Bulls
red-colored Rosemary Mezcal Negroni cocktail in a rocks glass, garnished with a lit rosemary sprig releasing a wisp of smoke
Rosemary Mezcal Negroni
Three rocks glasses rest on a dark marble bar top. Each is filled with ice, a bright red punch, a large slice of grapefruit, pomegranate seeds, and a sprig of rosemary. Next to them is a bottle of Fever-Tree ginger beer.
Ginger Fever Punch
A creamy Eggnog drink fills a rocks glass with a heavy clear base. The drink is garnished with nutmeg and an orange peel, and the background is hazy.
long island iced tea cocktail
Long Island Iced Tea
A Margarita in a salt-rimmed rocks glass garnished with a lime wheel
6 Things You Should Know About the Margarita
A rocks glass that tapers towards the top holds a Margarita. Half its rim is coated with salt and the other side has a lime wheel garnish. The background is solid blue.
Spiced Margarita
A margarita with a large sprig of fresh mint is centered in the photo on a marble slab. It is surrounded by green: limes, jalapeños and avocado.
Spicy Mint Avocado Margarita
A double Old Fashioned glass is against a solid sky-blue backdrop. The glass is filled with a few large ice cubes, a juicy orange drink and a thin slice of grapefruit.
Lounge Chair Afternoon
Tequila Sunrise
Tequila Sunrise
Bloody Maria on a striped coaster, garnished with citrus and peppers
Bloody Maria
Mezcal Mule cocktail
Mezcal Mule
frozen margarita cocktail on cloth surface next to limes
Frozen Margarita
An elegant, faceted Old Fashioned glass sits on a perforated sheet of metal behind a bar. The drink within is red-gold, and a large ice cube is garnished with granulated grasshopper salt. A few flakes of the salt fall from above.
Loaded Pistol
Tommys Margarita served in rocks glass with salt rim, shot against tan background
Tommy’s Margarita
Mule cocktail in a Collins glass with ice, garnished with a lime wedge