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Your Dream of Owning a Winery Can Finally Come True

If you’re daydreaming about quitting your job and becoming a Napa Valley winemaker, today is your lucky day. That is, if you like playing Farmville or the Sims. Game design company General Interactive Co released a new game today that puts players in charge of their own wine company, from planting the grapes to harvesting to […]

TGI Fridays Wants to Deliver Booze To Your Doorstep

The worst part about ordering delivery from your favorite restaurant is that you can’t order a cocktail or glass of wine to go with it. Today, TGI Fridays announced it’s solving that age-old problem. At select restaurants, you’ll soon be able to get alcohol delivered with your meal. Beginning in November, customers can add alcoholic drinks to […]

This Bartender Thinks Good Garnishes Are Pretty Much Impossible. Here’s Why.

Say goodbye to wasteful citrus wedges.

What Do Master Distillers Drink When They Drink Cocktails?

Liquor makers reveal their favorite ways to mix things up.

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