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15 Cocktails to Serve for the Super Bowl

Win over guests with punches, beer cocktails, and more.

Lagerita Image: / Tim Nusog

For many Super Bowl viewers, the game-day spread is just as important as the game itself. Whatever your reasons for tuning in, these drink recipes—including refreshing beer-based cocktails and crowd-friendly punches—will score big with your party guests.

  • Super Sunday Punch

    Super Sunday Punch / Tim Nusog 

    This big-batch drink may just become a go-to party recipe beyond football season. Chicago bartender Mike Ryan combines two American spirits—Laird’s Apple Brandy and bottled-in-bond bourbon—with grapefruit juice, sweet tea, and warming spices.

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  • Michelada

    Michelada / Tim Nusog

    Think beyond the Bloody Mary with this thirst-quenching savory beer cocktail. Inspired by the classic Mexico City recipe, our version combines lager, lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and seasonings.

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  • Gold Rusher

    Gold Rusher cocktail / Tim Nusog

    San Francisco bartender Helen Diaz developed this Gold Rush twist for her hometown team, the 49ers. The city’s favorite amaro, Fernet-Branca, adds its bitter intensity to the classic bourbon-ginger-honey format.

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  • Lagerita

    Lagerita / Tim Nusog

    What’s more refreshing than a Margarita? This drink from bar pro Simon Ford, which tops the classic combination of blanco tequila, Cointreau, and lime juice with a light Mexican beer. 

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  • Mexican Punch

    Mexican Punch / Tim Nusog

    Kick off your party with this simple tequila punch from Chicago bar pro Toby Maloney. He combines blanco tequila with citrus, lemon-lime soda, grenadine, and simple syrup.

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  • Lemon Shandy

    Lemon Shandy / Tim Nusog

    This two-part combination of lager and lemonade is perfectly refreshing and simple to make. You can also swap the lemonade for ginger ale to make a Ginger Shandy.

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  • Ranch Water

    Ranch Water cocktail / Tim Nusog

    The unofficial drink of West Texas combines blanco tequila, lime juice, and Topo Chico sparkling mineral water. Add a splash of orange liqueur for a sweeter version that resembles a bubbly Margarita.

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  • Hot Toddy

    Hot Toddy / Tim Nusog

    Make guests feel warm with a round of Toddies. Bartender Jacques Bezuidenhout’s take on the winter favorite combines whiskey, boiling water, demerara or brown sugar, lemon juice, and clove-studded lemon wheels.

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  • Boat House Punch

    Boat House Punch / Tim Nusog 

    Everyone wins with this bright and bubbly punch from New York City bar pro Julie Reiner. She tops a mixture of gin, Aperol, St-Germain, citrus juices, and lemon oleo saccharum with sparkling rosé.

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  • Sour Shandy

    Sour Shandy / Tim Nusog

    Fans of sour beers will love this easily customized cocktail from Speed Rack co-founder Lynnette Marrerro. Top a homemade sour beer syrup with your clear spirit of choice, citrus juice, and lager.

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  • Aperol Spritz

    Aperol Spritz / Tim Nusog

    This Italian crowd-pleaser is as easy to drink as it is to make. Just combine one part Aperol, two parts prosecco, and one part sparkling water.

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  • Oaxacan Punch

    Oaxacan Punch / Tim Nusog

    This smoky and bittersweet punch from bar pro Tad Carducci combines mezcal, Averna amaro, citrus juices, agave nectar, and ginger beer. It may just upstage the halftime show.

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  • Demi Peche

    Demi Peche / Tim Nusog

    Make a caramelized peach syrup ahead of time, then top with wheat beer or lager when guests arrive. This two-part Radler variation is that simple.

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  • Bourbon Rosemary Punch

    Rosemary Bourbon Punch / Tim Nusog

    This spritzy punch is both refreshing and winter-friendly. It combines rosemary-infused Aperol, bourbon, grapefruit juice, sparkling wine, and soda water.

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  • Radler Paloma

    Radler Paloma / Tim Nusog

    What happens when a Radler and Paloma join forces? This refreshing, citrusy cocktail, which stars grapefruit beer alongside tequila, citrus juices, and simple syrup.

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