Summer is all about spending time with friends and family outside, and, of course, fixing delicious cocktails. To help you enjoy the season, here are some of our favorite drink recipes and entertaining tips. Enjoy!
Bomb Pop cocktail
Bomb Pop
Lovage in the Garden cocktail
Lovage in the Garden
Farmer's Cocktail
Farmer’s Cocktail
Demi Peche
11 Summer Shandy Variations to Try Right Now
Tomato Spritz
Tomato Spritz
Toji Moon Cocktail
7 Cocktails to Make for the Olympics
Strawberry Margarita cocktail
Strawberry Margarita
French 75
4 Cocktails to Make for Bastille Day
Hailey's Comet cocktail
6 Frozen Bourbon Cocktails for Summer
Rose Sangria
Rosé Sangria
White Sangria
White Sangria
Watermelon Mojito
11 Watermelon Cocktails to Try Right Now
Boiler Room cocktail
Boiler Room
Vodka Soda with Pride flag
11 Cocktails to Make for Pride Month
Bay Breeze
Bay Breeze
John Daly cocktail
John Daly
Summer Tonic
11 Essential Cocktails for Your August Parties
Miami Vice cocktail
11 Essential Cocktails for Your July Parties
11 Essential Cocktails for Your June Parties
banana daiquiri cocktail on wooden table in front of green leaves
Banana Daiquiri
Spicy Margarita cocktail
Spicy Margarita
blue hawaii cocktail with paper umbrella against a red background
Blue Hawaii
Mojito cocktail
daiquiri cocktail in a coupe with a lime twist garnish
A glass of iced tea sits on a white surface, garnished with blue berries and strawberry pieces cut into stars, as well as a mint leaf. A pitcher of the same is in the background, and a white ramekin to the side holds more of the garnish.
Bourbon Strawberry Iced Tea
sparkling watermelon punch cocktail served in a mini watermelon with lime wheels, mint and straws
Sparkling Watermelon Punch
On a sold blue backdrop, a multi-faceted rocks glass holds a single large ice cube, a full orange wheel, and an amber-colored bourbon drink.
Peach Me
Boat House Punch
10 Refreshing Gin Cocktails to Try Right Now
red-orange summerthyme screwdriver in a pitcher alongside two full Collins glasses, each garnished with a thyme sprig and orange wheel
Summerthyme Screwdriver
A rocks glass that tapers towards the top holds a Margarita. Half its rim is coated with salt and the other side has a lime wheel garnish. The background is solid blue.
Spiced Margarita
hand holding a rum punch cocktail in front of a green background
Rum Punch
Colletti Royale cocktail
12 Rosé Cocktails to Sip All Summer—and Beyond
A margarita with a large sprig of fresh mint is centered in the photo on a marble slab. It is surrounded by green: limes, jalapeños and avocado.
Spicy Mint Avocado Margarita
A Tiki glass with white markings holds a golden Mai Tai. Crushed ice, mint and a lime wedge pick from above the lip of the glass. The background is wood lines, and the drink rests on a wicker mat.
Latitude 29 Mai Tai
blue hawaiian cocktail with pineapple and umbrella garnish, set against a yellow background
Blue Hawaiian
pimm's cup cocktail with cucumber, mint and strawberry garnishes
Pimm’s Cup
High King Highball
22 Labor Day Cocktails for the Last Long Summer Weekend
bicicletta cocktail in a double rocks glass with ice and orange slices, served on a wooden coaster
6 Booze-Inspired Pool Floats You Need This Summer
Canned wines
5 Canned Wines That Are Perfectly Portable
sea breeze cooler cocktail with straw and mint garnish
Sea Breeze Cooler
spanish gin & tonic cocktail
Spanish Gin & Tonic
London Lemonade cocktail surrounded by lemons and green leaves
London Lemonade
moscow mule cocktail served in a copper mug with a lime wheel
Moscow Mule
Cucumber Basil & Lime Gimlet with basil leaf garnish
Cucumber, Basil & Lime Gimlet
St-Germain cocktail on wooden table with St-German bottle
St-Germain Cocktail
Whiskey Smash cocktail on ice with mint leaves and a straw
Whiskey Smash
pina colada cocktail in a hurricane glass with crushed ice
Piña Colada
Lemon Drop cocktail in a sugar-rimmed glass
Lemon Drop
Two Surfer on Acid cocktails garnished with pineapple wedges.
Surfer on Acid
frozen margarita cocktail on cloth surface next to limes
Frozen Margarita
Mint Julep cocktail with mint garnish in a copper cup
Mint Julep
Sweet Tea Smash
16 Whiskey Cocktails That Are Perfect for Summer
ginger ale highball cocktail with ice, served against a dark backdrop
Ginger Ale Highball
A tall highball glass with thin walls holds a light golden, bubbly drink. A number of large ice cubes, a wheel of lime and a sprig of mint finish the drink. The surface below is hard wood.
Yerba Buena
Pearl Diver cocktail in a clear Tiki mug, garnished with a pineapple frond and orchid flower
Pearl Diver
Tequila Mockingbird cocktail on yellow-and-white-striped surface
Tequila Mockingbird
Gin Buck cocktail on a wooden table with a green plant
Gin Buck