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Canadian Whiskey

Canadian Whisky Stories

Is Canadian Whisky Making a Comeback?

This guy thinks so.

10 Great New Aged Bourbons and Ryes

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The Best World Whisk(e)y Under $75

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6 Rules for Drinking Canadian Whisky

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A Trip North to Explore Canadian Whisky

What’s happening now.

Fireball Rolls Out a New “Firebox” Package for Tailgate Season

Move over, boxed wine. Now there's cinnamon whisky on tap.

Why In-Flight Cocktail Kits Are Just Stupid

This author’s ad-hoctail is a smarter, better plan for cocktails on the fly.

6 Best World Whisk(e)ys Under $50

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The 13 Best Canadian Whiskies on the Market

We found the best Canadian whiskies to eliminate the guesswork. Explore this underrated spirit today at

10 of the Most Famous Whiskey Drinkers in History and Today

These stars know how to make any day better—with a swig of whiskey.

The Five Biggest Canadian Whisky Myths

hile Canada may be our next-door neighbor, there are still many misconceptions about the country’s whisky. With the help of Corby Distilleries maste...

Under-the-Radar Whiskey

Six low-profile whiskies from around the world you have to taste now.

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Canadian Whiskey