Looking to add spice to your cocktail? From mild to intense, from chile to jalapeño, these are the cocktails to give your taste buds a kick.
Jalapeno Diablo cocktail
Jalapeño Diablo
Smoke Follows Beauty cocktail
Smoke Follows Beauty
Cajun Martini cocktail with pickle garnish
Cajun Martini
Dark & Stoutly
Dark & Stoutly
Shochu Bloody Mary
Shochu Bloody Mary
Kentucky Mule cocktail
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Oyster Shooters
Oyster Shooter
Lincoln Club Cooler cocktail
Lincoln Club Cooler
red-hued Pimm's Fizz cocktail in a collins glass, with a frothy white head and two cranberries as garnish
Pimm’s Fizz
After Hours Tennis Club cocktail
After-Hours Tennis Club
Ginger Rogers cocktail
Ginger Rogers
Pumpkin Buck cocktail
Pumpkin Buck
Ring the Alarm cocktail
Ring the Alarm
A short rocks glass sits in the corner of a wooden windowsill, a window just out of frame behind it. The glass is filled with ice and a red-orange drink, and is garnished with four thin slices of apple and a plastic red and black key.
Big Red Sun
Brazilian Buck cocktail in a highball glass, garnished with lime wedges and ginger peel, served with a black straw
Brazilian Buck
A faceted rocks glass sits on a bar top in front of a candle which illuminates the vivid red drink within. The glass is garnished with a Medjool date on a skewer.
A pinkish-red cocktail in a Collins glass topped with Angostura and fresh ginger
Cotter Swizzle
Cry Baby cocktail
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My Thai cocktail
10 Spicy Cocktails to Try Right Now
Spicy Margarita in ice-filled rocks glass with half salt rim and jalapeno coin garnish, shot on wooden surface
Spicy Margarita
spiced eggnog cocktail in a wine glass with fresh nutmeg on top
Spiced Eggnog
The Spice Is Right
A round rocks glass is set against a solid blue backdrop. The drink within is vivid green, with a few ice cubs and a sprig of cilantro.
Conflict & Compromise
Cobra Verde
Three rocks glasses rest on a dark marble bar top. Each is filled with ice, a bright red punch, a large slice of grapefruit, pomegranate seeds, and a sprig of rosemary. Next to them is a bottle of Fever-Tree ginger beer.
Ginger Fever Punch
Brandy Sangaree
Brandy Sangaree
Bloody Maria
12 Bloody Mary Twists to Try Right Now
A rocks glass that tapers towards the top holds a Margarita. Half its rim is coated with salt and the other side has a lime wheel garnish. The background is solid blue.
Spiced Margarita
A margarita with a large sprig of fresh mint is centered in the photo on a marble slab. It is surrounded by green: limes, jalapeños and avocado.
Spicy Mint Avocado Margarita
Deep red Bloody Caesar cocktail with lime and celery garnishes
Bloody Caesar
Bloody Maria on a striped coaster, garnished with citrus and peppers
Bloody Maria
red-hued Hot Blooded cocktail in a coupe glass, garnished with heart-shaped orange peels and lime peels on a skewer
Hot Blooded
Michelada in a pint glass on a wooden surface
Bloody Mary cocktail on a tray with citrus and olives
Bloody Mary
Mule cocktail in a Collins glass with ice, garnished with a lime wedge
Tequila Mockingbird cocktail in a rocks glass with ice.
Tequila Mockingbird
transfusion cocktail garnished with grapes and candied ginger
El Diablo cocktail
El Diablo
Against a black background, a curved cocktail jar rests on a dark surface. It’s filled with an orange colored hazy drink and ice cubes and garnished with a Thai chili pepper and a pineapple frond.
My Thai
yellow-hued Pineapple Jalapeno Margarita in a sugar-and-black-pepper-rimmed rocks glass, garnished with pineapple, lime wedge and jalapeño slice
Pineapple Jalapeño Margarita
A deep red Negroni in a rocks glass between a blue dropper bottle and a mixing glass filled with ice
Spicy Negroni
A Bloody Mary in a tall, narrow pint glass rests on marble. The drink is garnished with a pickle skewer and bacon slice, and the glass is rimmed with dusty red spices.
Bloody Elixir
Red Snapper cocktail in a pint glass, garnished with a lime wedge and celery stalk
Red Snapper
A Collins glass rests on a marble surface, filled with a yellow-green drink and ice cubes. It’s garnished with a sprig of cilantro.
Tequila Limeade
two I Left My Heart in Jalisco cocktails, served in coffee mugs next to conversation hearts
I Left My Heart in Jalisco
Jacq La Ginger
Jacq La Ginger
Beach Bum cocktail
Beach Bum
Pils al Pastor
The Lookout cocktail in a clear mug, topped with Chinese five-spice
The Lookout
Bloody Roman cocktail in a pint glass, topped with two oysters, a green olive, serrano pepper and red chile threads
Bloody Roman
Bloody Bulldog cocktail in a highball glass, loaded with garnishes (tomatoes on a skewer, pickles, olive, asparagus), served on a silver tray
Bloody Bulldog
Last-Minute Mulled Wine
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La Estrella cocktail in a brandy snifter, garnished with a strawberry half and pineapple on a wooden skewer
La Estrella
Mayan Michelada
Mayan Michelada
Emerald Isle of the Caribbean
Emerald Isle of the Caribbean
Master Cleanse Shot served in two shot glasses with a small carafe of maple syrup and lemon halves
Master Cleanse Shot
Hot in Rio cocktail
Hot in Rio
Ginger Margarita cocktail
Ginger Beer Margarita
A rocks glass rests on a concrete surface. The glass holds a yellow-green beverage, a few ice cubes and a long sliver of jalapeno.
Rodriguez Sour