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Find out about all the new bars around the world and why they matter now. You'll find out what these new places are doing to stand out from the pack and set trends.
Takuma Wantanabe pours a cocktail at Martiny’s in New York City
3 Drinks That Show Why Martiny’s Is NYC’s Hottest New Japanese-Style Bar
The interior of Silverleaf in London
3 Drinks That Show Why London’s Silverleaf Is a New Bar That Matters
Moe Aljaff behind the bar at Lucky Schmuck in Barcelona
These 3 Drinks Show Why Lucky Schmuck is Barcelona’s Most Playful New Cocktail Bar
Temple Bar interior
3 Drinks That Show Why Temple Bar Is NYC’s Favorite New Nightlife Spot
Head bartender Stephen Bielawski pours a cocktail at Sunken Harbor Club in Brooklyn, New York
3 Drinks That Show Why Sunken Harbor Club Is NYC’s Best New Escapist Hideaway
The bar at Overstory in New York City
3 Drinks That Show Why Overstory Is NYC’s New Special-Occasion Destination
Kol Mezcaleria in London
These 3 Drinks Show Why London’s Kol Mezcaleria Is a Bar That Matters
Bar director Pietro Collina stirs a cocktail at Side Hustle in London.
These 3 Drinks Show Why London’s Side Hustle Is a Bar That Matters
A Bar with Shapes for a Name
3 Drinks That Show Why A Bar with Shapes for a Name Is a New Bar That Matters
Silver Lyan
These 3 Drinks Show Why Silver Lyan Is the Country’s Most Exciting New Bar
Double Chicken Please Co-Founder GN Chan
These 3 Drinks Show Why Double Chicken Please Is a Bar That Matters
The backbar at 400 Rabbits
Seek the Holy Spirit(s) at This ‘Mezcal Church’
41 Gradus in Georgia
This Georgian Bar Is Going All In on the Country’s Native Spirit
The Renegade Solution to Not Using Cocktail Napkins or Coasters
3 Drinks That Explain Why Super Lyan Is a New Bar That Matters
Showing Off Poitín, Ireland’s Homegrown Spirit, at a New Bar. One That’s All Poitín, All the Time.
This Wedding-Themed Bar Is Like a Pinterest Fantasy Plucked from the Las Vegas Strip
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3 Great Cocktails from the Most Anticipated Rum Bar Opening of 2019
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New to Distilling, Alaska Makes Up for Lost Time
The Small Seoul Street Where Cocktails Reign Supreme
These 3 Drinks Show Why Oldies Is a New Bar That Matters
These 3 Drinks Explain Why Scotch Lodge Is a New Bar That Matters
A Bar for Bartenders That’s Changing the Way One Country Drinks
Inside the One Important City That’s Influence Was Ignored During the Cocktail Renaissance
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With a View Like This, Who Needs Great Cocktails? You Do.
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Bar Legend Salvatore Calabrese’s New Hong Kong Bar at Maison Eight
It’s the Artesian. But in Hong Kong.
London's Coupette: My Bar in 3 Drinks
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