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  • subina posted 3 years ago

    I am not a bartender, just an at-home hobbyist. The Manhattan being my favorite cocktail, I was thinking of entering this contest but felt inferior and insecure. After seeing the winners, I should have entered. Aside from the #1 winner whose recipe really impressed, some of the others were similar to my non-professional recipe. I even know enough not to buy store bought cherries.

    Coupe glass in freezer or filled with ice until drink is ready

    2 oz. of Woodford or other premium Bourbon
    .5 oz M&R Rosso
    .5 oz M&R Dry
    2 dashes of Angostura
    1-2 dashes Regan's no. 6
    And a final step which I didn't see on any of the recipes---a half bar spoon of Luxardo syrup from the cherry jar. If not for taste, then for color. Makes the drink a beautiful color, like burnished leather.
    after straining from mixing glass into chilled coupe, garnish with Luxardo cherry. It is a superb Manhattan if I must say so myself!

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