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10 Vodka Cocktails That Are Perfect for Winter

When it comes to winter drinking, brown spirits usually prevail. Brandies, dark rums and whiskies—with notes of caramels, spices and wood—are what we often turn to when the mercury drops, while vodka is relegated to the warmer months. But why?

Given that vodka is a neutral spirit, it’s able to seamlessly integrate into wintry cocktails too. Read on for 10 cold weather vodka cocktails.

  • Jubilee

    With red wine, spiced pear liqueur and maple syrup, you already have a boozy winter drink in your cup without the vodka—but why not add some anyway? Garnished with nutmeg and a slice of pear, this cocktail is perfect for any cold weather celebration.

  • The Coco Chanel Martini

    We know what you’re thinking: coconut? While it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of winter, the two-ingredient Coco Chanel Martini is a special winter snowflake. Coconut vodka is paired with St. Germain elderflower liqueur in a simple cocktail that’s perfect for Florida snowbirds.

  • The Ascot

    Named after the most dignified neck accessory, this cocktail pairs vodka and Cognac with Carpano Antica vermouth and dry vermouth for a spirits-forward cocktail so smooth, it might as well be named James Bond. Pinkies out with this cocktail. Oh, and you know what to wear when you’re drinking it.

  • Grey Goose L’orange Winter Sangria Martini

    Elderflower liqueur and pomegranate juice join forces in this Winter Sangria Martini with orange flavored vodka and lemon juice lending their citrusy essences. Garnished with a single rose petal, it’s a romantic cocktail that’d be just right for a winter date.

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  • The Midnight Martinez

    Made with just two ingredients, the Midnight Martinez is a simple, elegant cocktail. Black cherry flavored vodka gives this drink a deep, rich flavor that pairs perfectly with sweet vermouth. Perfect for the darkest nights of winter.

  • Black Russian

    For those looking for something a little more familiar, the Black Russian is for you. A relative to the White Russian, this darker alternative swaps the milk for Kahlúa and is robust enough for the coldest Moscow nights.

  • Dubonnet Cosmopolitan

    This ruby-red cocktail gets its color and flavor from cranberry juice and Dubonnet sweet vermouth, and is rounded out with sweet, citrusy Triple Sec and vodka. It’s a simple scene-stealer.

  • Pear & Elderflower Collins

    The Tom Collins gets a blast of winter in the Pear and Elderflower Collins. With a double whammy of pear liqueur and pear puree, this vodka (or gin) cocktail is great those those who prefer their drinks light and sweet.

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  • The Holiday Glögg

    No winter vodka cocktail roundup would be complete without glögg. This simplified holiday take on the Scandinavian classic is perfect for those short on ingredients (or time). Get your friends together, turn on the stove and get ready for a warm cocktail with lots of history. Skål!