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11 Whiskey Cocktails to Make at Home Now

March is Whiskey Month, and the only proper way to celebrate is with a whiskey cocktail (or two). Whether you choose Canadian whisky, rye, bourbon, scotch or Japanese whisky, mixed into a Tiki cocktail or a classic highball, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the month. Try these 11 whiskey cocktails today.

  • Embarcadero

    Amaro, sweet vermouth and rye whiskey make a bittersweet, perfectly balanced cocktail. The recipe couldn’t be any easier—just add equal parts of each to a rocks glass over a large ice cube, and garnish with a lemon peel.

  • John the Baptist

    A Tiki cocktail made from whiskey? Irish whiskey and absinthe get a tropical spin from pineapple juice, homemade Coco Lopez matcha green tea powder mix and apricot eau-de-vie. Homemade pistachio syrup adds nuttiness, and the whole cocktail gets a dose of creaminess from half-and-half and crème de cacao.

  • Rub & Rye

    If you’re looking for a cocktail fit for a big appetite, look no further. Rye, lemon juice, maple syrup and an egg white perk up a Belgian beer, and barbecue bitters, a mesquite salt rim and a beef jerky garnish all add savory smokiness.

  • Type Eh

    Take a quick trip to the Great White North with this simple cocktail. Canadian whisky pairs with Cynar, sweet vermouth, lemon juice and a pinch of smoked salt for a savory and spirit-forward tipple.

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  • Frisky Whiskey

    Get a little frisky with Irish whiskey. Honey liqueur, fresh orange juice and simple syrup add sweetness to the whiskey, while Angostura bitters keep everything from becoming cloying.

  • Green Tea Highball

    Japan’s best beverages—whisky and green tea—pair up for this straightforward and refreshing highball. Simply combine whiskey with cooled green tea and top it with soda water for a drink you can sip all afternoon.

  • Wagyu

    Making wagyu-beef-fat-washed Japanese whisky is a bit labor-intensive, but this cocktail is well worth the effort. The rich whisky receives the sweet treatment from maple syrup and homemade salted caramel liqueur, making this drink a perfect balance between sweet and savory.

  • Maryum’s Grass Skirt

    Rye and rum share the spotlight in this tropical tipple. Rose hip liqueur, pineapple juice and brandied cherry juice give the cocktail its floral and fruity taste and deep red color, with bitters to round it all out.

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  • Washington Apple

    Equal parts of Canadian whisky, sour apple schnapps and cranberry juice are all you need for this stunning sipper. Shake with ice, then strain into a coupe and enjoy.

  • Tomahawk Punch

    Serve this crowd-pleaser at your next get together. Bourbon gets a spicy punch from Ancho Reyes chile liqueur, with honey syrup, fresh lime juice and bitters to mellow it out. Top with sparkling cider, nutmeg and cinnamon.

  • Cave Creek

    Two kinds of whiskey—scotch and rye—are used in this cocktail. Mister Katz’s Rock & Rye, scotch and fresh lemon juice take on a ruby-red hue when mixed with grenadine and Campari. Top it all off with club soda for bubbles before serving it with a lemon twist and a straw.