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11 Vodka Cocktails to Try Right Now

Ultimat Dill.

Summer and vodka—have two words ever sounded so perfectly suited for one another? This month, celebrate the most popular spirit in the world with a refreshing well-crafted cocktail. And with a versatile spirit like vodka, that drink can be anything from savory to sweet to spicy. Try one of these 11 cocktails today, and see for yourself.

  • Bunny Mary

    Eric Medsker

    This cocktail from NYC bartender Rob Krueger is perfect for punching up your brunch game. Carrot juice is a vibrant backdrop for vodka, fresh lemon juice and honey syrup, and hot sauce and caper brine add a welcome dash of heat and salt.

  • Fresh Berry Delicious

    Vodka and strawberry season are perfectly aligned, and once you taste this cocktail, you’ll know why. Muddled strawberries, raspberry vodka, lemon juice, honey syrup, blood orange liqueur and Licor 43 combine for a fruity and refreshing tipple.

  • Vodka Gimlet

    Tim Nusog

    When you swap vodka in for gin, the Gimlet becomes a cocktail that’s accessible for nearly any kind of imbiber. Simply shake the spirit with fresh lime juice and simple syrup, and serve in a chilled cocktail glass with a lime wheel.

  • Hydrate

    Drink up! This cocktail will leave you refreshed on even the hottest days, thanks to cucumber vodka, puréed watermelon and fresh lime juice. Its fruity and cool flavors will have you sipping in style from brunch to well into the afternoon.

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  • Lychee

    Eric Wolfinger

    Tea-flavored vodka is the secret weapon in this stunning cool-down cocktail. Simply add coconut-lychee milk, salted pistachio syrup and lime juice, and you’re on your way to becoming the talk of the summer block party.

  • Ginger Sour

    Tim Nusog

    A little spicy, a little sweet and a little sour, this cocktail makes a tasty digestif or evening sipper. All you have to do is shake ginger vodka, lemon juice, maple syrup and an egg white together until silky, then strain into a cocktail glass and serve with a lemon twist.

  • Joan Collins

    Tim Nusog

    This cocktail is basically a day at the spa in a glass. And it’s so easy to make that you’ll feel just as relaxed. Muddled lime, cucumber and mint infuse their cool flavors into vodka, and a homemade honey-hibiscus syrup lends its delicate sweetness. Top it all with soda water and say ahhh.

  • Celery Cup No.1

    Why eat your salad when you can drink it? This cocktail uses celery, cilantro and English cucumber to add herbal, fresh flavors to lemon, cucumber vodka and Pimm's No.1 Cup. Serve with brunch or in the afternoon, and garnish with a celery stalk for maximum fresh appeal.

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  • Ascot

    Equal parts vodka and cognac make this sophisticated sipper spirit-forward and perfect as an after-dinner drink. Mix the two with Carpano Antica Formula vermouth and Dolin dry vermouth to keep the party going.

  • Dirty Martini

    Tim Nusog

    It’s a classic for a reason. This salty and savory cocktail is a simple blend of vodka, vermouth and olive brine. Be sure to shake until well-chilled and serve in a cold glass for optimum enjoyment.

  • Ultimat Dill

    Ultimat Dill.

    If you’re craving a sipper that’s on the savory side, this vodka-lime cocktail might just do the trick. Cucumber and dill are fresh elements that serve as an excellent foil to lime juice, vodka and agave nectar.