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7 Vodka Bottles to Try Right Now

(photo composite: Tim Nusog).

Vodka remains the world’s most popular spirit, with more brands than ever flooding the market. The fear of oversaturation hasn’t stopped producers from rolling out new options all the time, made from such diverse raw materials as potatoes, wheat and rice. From Japan to Sweden to the U.S., these are seven new vodka bottles (and boxes) to try now.

  • Absolut Grapefruit ($20)

    Sweden’s Absolut launched this flavored vodka in summer 2018. It’s clear in the glass and features a bold grapefruit aroma that suggests just-cut citrus. The flavor is lighter compared to the bracing scent typical of flavored vodka. Mix into tall, fruity cocktails such as a classic Greyhound or Paloma.

  • B Square ($25 for 1.75 L)

    What’s most notable about this vodka is that there’s no bottle: it’s packaged inside a box that holds the equivalent of two 750 mL bottles, making it ideal for a party or for transporting. Inside the box is an American-made wheat vodka with a neutral, slightly sweet flavor.

  • Haku ($28)

    Beam Suntory, known for its Suntory Japanese whisky, brings this Japanese vodka to the U.S. It is distilled from white rice and is nuanced and light, showing hints of almond, charcoal and pink peppercorn. Try it in a well-chilled Vodka Martini.

  • Party Animal ($23)

    This philanthropy-minded brand supports animal and wildlife foundations in California and Idaho via a partnership with 1% for the Planet, an environmental nonprofit organization. As for the vodka, it’s made from Idaho potatoes and has a slight hint of grapefruit peel that would be ideal mixed into a Salty Dog.

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  • Saltworks Property Smoked Sea Salt ($25)

    Made with a blend of smoked sea salts, this unusual flavored vodka melds earthy, smoky and saline flavors to mouthwatering effect. Hints of kalamata olive and black peppercorn suggest a jumpstart on a Dirty Martini, be it a subtle, cleaner variation.

  • The Street Pumas ($31)

    This brand has taken aim at giving well spirits an upgrade. This bottling starts with a full-strength Polish potato vodka, which is then diluted down to 80 proof in Jerez, Spain (where all of The Street Pumas spirits are proofed and bottled). While some might consider the $30-plus range a bit steep for the well, where most bars keep value-priced spirits, this is a clean, quality pour.

  • Svedka Rosé ($13)

    Marketed to the “rosé-all-day” crowd, this flavored vodka arrived in February 2019. The pink drink is made with 5% rosé wine and offers vibrant fruit and a mild hibiscus note. Notably, this is the first flavor that the producer is showcasing in a clear bottle, to highlight the rosy hue of the vodka.