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6 Beer Cocktails for Super Bowl Success

Hosting a Super Bowl bash this year? Don’t leave your brews on the sideline: Treat them to box seat style by teaming up with the likes of bourbon, hot sauce, maple syrup and beef jerky for an epic game-time flavor blitz. You may never go back to bottled beer again.

  • The one ingredient that could improve the crowd-favorite Margarita? A light, crisp Mexican lager. A few ounces of beer stretch a strong Margarita with welcome fizz and won’t leave you feeling schnockered after the first quarter.

  • This spice-licked, savory beer ’tail is almost like pouring a few spoonfuls of hot salsa into your brew—but way better. Choose a light lager that can handle some heat, then lash it with hot sauce, Worcestershire, lime juice and celery salt—plus a cayenne salt rim.

  • Starring a rugged trio of bourbon, English pale ale and maple syrup, this banquet will bring a wealth of flavor to your tailgate but without any fancy glasses or fussery.

  • Fiery hues hint at this cocktail’s smokey mezcal base, which is teased by the bittersweet team of Campari, Belgian tripel-style beer and tart mayhaw syrup made with wild mayhaw berries harvested in the swamps of southern Georgia. If you don’t have a jar of mayhaw jelly handy (not surprising), substitute cranberry jelly spiked with lemon juice.

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  • Shandies and similar beer-based mixed drinks are popular in Germany, where they are called Biermischgetränke. This particularly sunny Shandy takes a page from Brazil’s playbook with a cachaça base, but meets up with honey syrup, lemon juice and a göse-style German beer, a dry, unfiltered wheat beer that’s seasoned with coriander seeds and salt.

  • Saving the burliest cocktail for last, this hefty pint and its wild ingredient list might seem like a Hail Mary. But with a strapping lineup of rye whiskey, Belgian beer, maple syrup, barbecue bitters and beef jerky garnish, it’s a guaranteed game changer.