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11 Sensational Summer Cocktails to Make Right Now

Ah, summer. The weather gets hotter, the days get longer, and life seems a little bit easier. The season’s adventures can leave you parched, though, so be sure that you have one of these refreshing cocktails in hand all summer long.

  • Farmer’s Cocktail

    Tomato cocktails don’t have to be savory and spicy like a traditional Bloody Mary, and this highball is proof. Fresh pressed tomato juice, watermelon cubes and lime juice get a boozy punch from Veev spirit and Aperol in this slightly sweet, fresh concoction.

  • High King Highball

    New York City’s cocktail destination Pouring Ribbons organizes its bar menu by cocktail type (from “spirituous” and “comforting” to “adventurous”), and this star of the “refreshing” section is sure to be a summer hit. Irish whiskey and Aperol provide a boozy base that let muddled raspberries, along with lemon and grapefruit juices, shine.

  • Land of Happy

    Don’t let the homemade honeydew-basil-white balsamic shrub scare you away from this cocktail. It’s as easy as blending ingredients together, then letting them simmer on the stove, and it makes an amazing cocktail when shaken with gin and topped with a float of prosecco.

  • Blackberry Wine Slushy

    When it’s too hot out for a simple glass of wine, this cocktail will cool you down. Simply throw vodka, blackberries, orange juice, red wine and agave into a blender with ice, then pour into wine glasses and garnish with more blackberries. Double (or triple) the recipe to serve a crowd.

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  • Mojito

    The infamous Cuban rum cocktail is a breath of fresh air on a hot summer afternoon. Muddled mint adds a bracing flavor to a sweet mixture of simple syrup, fresh lime juice and rum, which are all shaken, poured over ice and topped with club soda and more mint.

  • Golden Gate Spritz

    Lazy summer afternoons are practically asking for this easy three-ingredient cocktail. Top amaro and grapefruit juice with sparkling wine, garnish with a grapefruit peel, then sit back and chill out.

  • Al Pachilli

    This cocktail from MAMO in New York City is a refreshing, slightly spicy blend of Belvedere Wild Berry vodka, Y Chilli liqueur, passion fruit juice, pineapple juice and grenadine. When shaken together, the ingredients create a fruity and spirit-forward sipper that will take you from the afternoon well into the night.

  • Silver Cloud

    Make the most of summer’s bounty of peaches by whipping up a batch of homemade peach shrub to use in this cocktail. Shake the shrub with dry gin, lavender simple syrup, fresh lemon juice and an egg white for a cocktail that’s light and frothy—perfect for sunny afternoons.

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  • Por Mi Amante

    Strawberry-infused rum is summer in a glass on its own, but it’s especially seasonal when mixed with lemon juice and a fresh strawberry demerara syrup that you can make at home. Add a few dashes of Tabasco to keep things interesting, then sip away.

  • Vida Paloma

    This twist on a traditional Paloma from Fat Baby Tacos in Chicago uses mezcal instead of tequila to give the fruity cocktail a hint of smokiness. Fresh grapefruit juice, simple syrup and club soda replace the traditional grapefruit soda, and a chile-piquin-rimmed glass adds an extra layer of spice.

  • Piha Spritz

    Three summer cocktail superstars—pineapple, gin and rosé—are all mixed into this bubbly, boozy drink. Mix them with palm sugar rooibos syrup, Tempus Fugit Kina L'Aréo d’Or apéritif and fresh lime juice, then garnish with a sage leaf for an extra dose of freshness.