5 Strange Hangover Cures That Really Work

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  • bonovox1968yahoocom877953985 posted 1 year ago

    Um, you forgot Menudo (Mexican tripe soup)!

  • otrdriverx1971 posted 3 years ago

    Sliced fresh cucumbers prechilled, the electrolytes and water from the cucumber replaces the dehydration caused by most excessive drinking, also a bottled water before you pass out helps that is if your capable.

  • ebdonnelley.28c2de posted 3 years ago

    I highly suggest Blowfish for hangovers. It's sold in CVS and is a life-saver!

  • susannedmonds.eb4a649 posted 3 years ago

    We produce a product called Charlotte de Berry's Pirate Elixir, it is a fermented hydrating Cocktail mixer. It is an old maritime recipe before they had water filtration systems. We have had some very serious focus groups on the hangover controversy! :-D. Guess what no hangovers, even after 9 hours of complete debaucherous drinking!
    You can connect with us on Jabberwocky Smooth Jerk (FB) or come down to the Hollywood Farmers Market. We are on Spice Alley!
    Susann Edmonds
    Jabberwocky Foods Inc.

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