7 of the Most Bizarre Alcohol Laws in the United States

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  • amandahagler24gmailcom31641057 posted 6 months ago

    Here in Texas, the legal drinking age is 21 like anywhere else. The exception to that law is a parent (or spouse) can purchase and serve their child (or spouse) alcoholic beverages. This goes for anywhere you can get in under the age of 21, restaurants included. The server has to deliver the drink to the legal drinker.

  • matt m posted 10 months ago

    I live in Iowa. And you can run a bar tab in Iowa. The only law on tabs that I know of. Is you can not run a bar tab for someone over night. You must pay before you leave the bar.

  • keesha_13_20ef907 posted 2 years ago

    Ah, there is still a liquor law in Indiana that a man can sit at the bar with his dog but not a female. In Michigan an owner isn't supposed to converse with any patrons.

  • wchildcal.213fa5e posted 2 years ago

    Las Vegas allows you to walk around with alcohol but you can't get in a cab with an open container.

  • CrystalDraper posted 3 years ago

    utah also. u can do happy hour with discounted food, (apitizers) but not discounted booze.

  • peterarcu posted 3 years ago

    In old town Toronto in the 50's when most of the population was recently from Britain - My grandfather had to leave the bar at 5:00 to go home to have supper - it was the law to close bars from 5:00 to 7:00.

  • tara.reese77.e356 posted 3 years ago

    @Cheyannboyergmailcom827817984 In historic Savannah, GA you CAN walk around with alcohol as long as it's in a plastic cup. You can't do that anywhere else in GA but you can in Savannah.

  • gherrin posted 3 years ago

    I'm a Southerner, proud of it, and these and other equally strange laws are all around: used to be dry in Bourbon County Kentucky and wet in Christian County. Hope that's changed. Haven't been home in a few years.

  • cheyannboyergmailcom827817984 posted 3 years ago

    The Georgia one is not true. I was born, raised and have been a bartender here for 15 years. You cannot walk around with booze. You will get a hefty fine!

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