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5 'Star Trek' Cocktails to Try Now

Gulpable galactic-themed drinks for your next sci-fi party.

Plomeek Tea cocktail
Plomeek Tea Image: / Tim Nusog

If you're a Star Trek fan, chances are your loyalties lie in one era of the canon: "The Next Generation," "Voyager," "The Original Series," maybe even "Picard"? The sci-fi franchise spans half a century and throughout its decades has featured a rich beverage culture with a cast of characters packed full of memorable bartenders. And yet, it’s light on actual cocktails.

Whether your dream intergalactic drinking spot is Quark's, 602 Club or The Quantum Café, surely you've wondered what such establishments might really serve. To remedy that, enter these five original creations, optimal for those who live happily in the center of the Venn diagram of Trekkie and cocktail nerd. Drink well and prosper!

  • Samarian Sunset

    Samarian Sunset cocktail / Tim Nusog

    “Conundrum,” the episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” in which everyone gets their memories erased and Data thinks he’s a bartender, is one of the series’ best. He makes this drink for Troi after losing a game of 3D chess. The cocktail goes from clear to green to red in the blink of an eye. The technology doesn't yet exist to recreate that marvel, but it can be mimicked using a trick with red-cabbage-infused rum. The drink will turn from purple to red with the addition of the fruit juices.

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  • Irish Raktajino

    Irish Raktajino cocktail / Tim Nusog

    The infamous Klingon coffee from “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” is the base for this Irish Coffee riff. It’s a beverage one might imagine Miles O’Brien and Worf concocting once the blood wine runs out. The whiskey and espresso come together to give this drink kick and bite, the milk adds silky viscosity and the smoked paprika imparts an earthy, spicy hit. Smells like Kronos!

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  • Kanar Sazerac

    Kanar Sazerac cocktail / Tim Nusog

    Cardassians seem like a bitter people who crave a stiff drink. So a Sazerac might be their go-to after a long day of selling your soul to the Dominion, especially one dosed with sharp, herbal Fernet-Branca. Remember: The original Sazerac is made with cognac, and these guys are probably old-school when it comes to their booze choices. This variation is, too. The salt rim balances the bitterness of the liqueur and seems fitting for a species that throws back fish juice for breakfast.

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  • Romulan Ale Fizz

    Romulan Ale Fizz cocktail / Tim Nusog

    Romulan Ale is banned in the Federation, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a Gin Fizz in characteristic cobalt. The spacey hue comes from blue curaçao; orange blossom water takes it to an ethereal level. Give it a shake before you add ice to get the egg white to fluff enough to float on the drink like a cloud of stardust. By all accounts, the Romulan Ale is quite strong, but don’t be shy about the navy-strength gin. You don't want to appear sheepish in the face of one of the galaxy's oldest rivals.

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  • Plomeek Tea

    Plomeek Tea cocktail / Tim Nusog

    Vulcans were probably not huge on intoxicants, which is why this recipe for a mentally invigorating iced tea contains solely a blend of three teas with verjus, the nonalcoholic juice of unripe wine grapes. The Plomeek Tea is a great way to get refreshment before a smug, self-satisfied meditation session. No need to stay stone-faced as you sip, though: Contrary to popular perception, members of the stoic Vulcan species do smile. Sometimes.

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