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5 Spicy Vodkas for Bloody Marys That Are Worth Rolling Out of Bed For

(photo composite: Tim Nusog).

A well-made Bloody Mary is truly a thing of beauty. There’s something magical about that concoction of tomato juice, Worcestershire, hot sauce, celery salt and horseradish—an umami bomb that should kick off every single weekend. Some days you crave one, and after an overly indulgent evening, you need one. And while you’re going all in on the garnish (Pickled okra! Steamed shrimp! Candied bacon!), don’t make the vodka an afterthought. The beloved brunch beverage deserves way more. Pour one of these spicy spirits into your pitcher for a guaranteed Sunday Funday.

  • The Bay Seasoned ($25)

    If you could bottle the vibe and flavors of a Chesapeake crab boil, complete with a newspaper-covered picnic table next to the water, wooden mallets, claw crackers and a bushel of plump colossal #1 males coated in mid-Atlantic’s signature seasoning, you’d have this vodka from Philadelphia Distilling. Distilled four times, the smooth and savory spirit has sea salt and notes of celery seed, black and red pepper, nutmeg, cardamom and other secret spices. “To me, Bloody Marys are all about the day after a big night out: brunching, chilling with friends and family, and let’s face it, sometimes battling a hangover,” says founder Andrew Auwerda. “In all cases, I crave salt and spice and a bit of the hair of the dog.”

  • Breckenridge Chili Chile ($30)

    This Colorado vodka from the world’s highest distillery is a spirit so nice they named it twice. The producers start with their signature vodka, which has a light body, soft, warm texture and hint of sweetness along with minerality from the local water that’s used for blending and proofing. But things heat up quickly as it’s infused with both Colorado-grown Pueblo chipotle chiles and Indian Marash chiles. It all adds up to a smoky, earthy product that makes for a deeply flavored tomato tipple.

  • Referent Horseradish ($26)

    For some brunchers, a big old dollop of horseradish is more crucial to a well-made Bloody Mary than a generous helping of hot sauce. This 100% natural vodka distilled in small batches and infused at 45th Parallel distillery in New Richmond, Wisc., with locally grown root speaks to those imbibers who like that sinus-opening burn in their eye-opener. Not only does it make for a delicious elixir, but horseradish is said to improve the common cold, relieve a stomach ache and even render the morning after not so painful.So bottoms up!

  • Sonoma Coast Jalapeño Lime ($28)

    Add a little zest to your Bloody with this spirit that hails from a small family-owned craft distillery in Petaluma, Calif., that specializes in fun vodka versions like rosé and citrus basil. For this product, vodka is distilled six times and then infused with jalapeños, bell peppers, habaneros and lime. “It gives more depth to a Bloody Mary,” says founder Jill Olson. It also makes a kick-ass Angry Mule or Vodka Gimlet if you want to switch from day to evening drinking.

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  • St. George Green Chile ($28)

    To make the vodka world’s version of salsa verde, the San Francisco Bay Area’s St. George Spirits fills its stills with crushed California-grown jalapeño peppers, lime peel and a non-GMO spirit. It’s distilled through a vapor-infusion basket filled with fresh cilantro, then it’s infused with red and yellow bell peppers for freshness, as well as serranos and habaneros. “The result is beautifully balanced and nuanced, with just a touch of heat,” says master distiller Lance Winters. “It amplifies and complements the flavors of all the other ingredients and creates an especially savory and layered Bloody Mary.”