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20 Sparkling Wine Cocktails for Any Occasion

Break out the bubbly for these festive drinks.

Forbidden Apple cocktail / Tim Nusog

A bubbly cocktail turns any occasion into a celebration, whether you’re hosting a party or sipping solo. Chill the Champagne, prosecco, and sparkling rosé for these festively fizzy drinks, which include easygoing spritzes and fancy excuses to break out your flutes.

  • French 75

    French 75 cocktail / Tim Nusog 

    According to drinks historian David Wondrich, the recipe for this festive drink first appeared in a book published by a New York humor magazine at the height of Prohibition. The delicious mix of gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, and Champagne has enlivened plenty of brunches and evenings since. 

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  • Colletti Royale

    Colletti Royale cocktail / Tim Nusog

    For this bright and floral Margarita variation, Julie Reiner of Brooklyn’s Clover Club combines reposado tequila, Cointreau, St-Germain liqueur, blood orange and lime juices, and orange bitters, then tops the mixture with rosé Champagne.

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  • Perfect Pear

    Perfect Pear cocktail / Tim Nusog

    This fruity and fizzy drink combines Bluecoat American Dry gin, St-Germain liqueur, lemon juice, simple syrup, fresh pear puree, and Champagne. You can swap in a London Dry gin if you can’t find Bluecoat, but note that it will taste less citrusy and more juniper-forward.

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  • Death in the Afternoon

    Death in the Afternoon cocktail / Tim Nusog

    Top a shot of absinthe with Champagne and you have this potent drink, which shares its name with a Hemingway novel and was recorded by the author himself in a 1935 cocktail book featuring recipes from famous literary figures. “Drink three to five of these slowly,” he instructed. His directions are, of course, optional, but even one might make you feel like Hemingway. 

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  • Scarlet Spritz

    Scarlet Spritz / Tim Nusog

    This lovely Aperol Spritz riff starts with an absinthe-rinsed glass, then tops a combination of strawberry-infused Aperol, Lillet blanc aperitif, and rhubarb bitters with sparkling wine. Like its predecessor, it’s both light and lively.

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  • Champagne Cocktail

    Champagne Cocktail / Tim Nusog

    You can’t go wrong with Champagne for a celebration, but a couple extra steps render an even more festive drink. Simply douse a sugar cube or simple syrup with Angostura bitters, top with bubbly, and garnish with a lemon twist.

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  • Bellini

    Bellini / Tim Nusog

    Created in Venice, Italy, at Harry’s Bar in 1948, this cocktail is named for the 15th-century painter Giovanni Bellini. If its modern popularity is any indication, the simple combination of white peach puree and prosecco is indeed a masterpiece.

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  • Kir Royale

    Kir Royale cocktail / Tim Nusog

    The original Kir cocktail, which dates back to 19th-century France, combines the blackcurrant liqueur crème de cassis with a Burgundian white wine. Swapping in sparkling wine for the latter renders a drink that’s fit for a royal—or a special brunch.

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  • Hugo Spritz

    Hugo Spritz / Tim Nusog

    This thirst-quenching drink is inspired by an Italian spritz made with acqua santa, an elderflower cordial. Stateside, St-Germain elderflower liqueur is a fine substitute for the cordial when muddled with a mint sprig and topped with ice, prosecco, and soda water.

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  • Very Sexy Martini

    Very Sexy Martini cocktail / Tim Nusog

    Celebrate in style with this pretty pink drink. You might just feel sexier after sipping the fruity combination of muddled raspberries and mint, citrus vodka, simple syrup, lime juice, and sparkling rosé wine. 

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  • West 57th

    West 75th / Tim Nusog

    What happens when a New York Sour and French 75 join forces? This fruity riff on the two classics, which combines Calvados apple brandy, lemon juice, raspberry syrup, and orange bitters, then tops the flute with Champagne.

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  • Fleur de Paradis

    Fleur de Paradis / Tim Nusog

    Bartender Kenta Goto combines Plymouth gin, St-Germain liqueur, grapefruit and lemon juices, simple syrup, orange bitters, and Perrier-Jouët Champagne to produce this lovely floral drink. While you can swap in a cheaper sparkling wine for the Perrier-Jouët, Plymouth gin is essential for its softer flavor profile.

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  • Aperol Spritz

    Aperol Spritz / Tim Nusog

    The Aperol Spritz might’ve taken over Instagram in the 2010s, but Italians have been drinking the orange-hued mix of prosecco, Aperol, and club soda since the 1950s. Its bittersweet flavor and relatively low alcohol content might make it the perfect pre-dinner sipper.

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  • Magic Hour

    Magic Hour cocktail / Tim Nusog

    This appetite-whetting drink from bartender Tom Macy combines Lillet Rosé, yellow Chartreuse, grapefruit juice, simple syrup, and a sparkling wine such as Gruet. The results are, well, magic.

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  • Mimosa

    Mimosa / Tim Nusog

    This two-part cocktail is a favorite of brunch-goers for a reason: Fresh orange juice and sparkling wine render an elegant, low-ABV drink that’s both delicious and sippable well before noon.

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  • Negroni Sbagliato

    Negroni Sbagliato / Tim Nusog

    A classic Negroni, while delicious, isn’t exactly a pre-dinner sipper. But swap prosecco for the gin alongside Campari and sweet vermouth, and you have this low-ABV, quaffable punch from bar pro Jacques Bezuidenhout.

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  • Tomato Spritz

    Tomato Spritz / Tim Nusog

    Tomatoes take the spotlight in this refreshing spritz from Katana Kitten managing partner and “director of deliciousness” Masahiro Urushido. He combines both tomato water and a cherry tomato shrub with gin, extra-dry vermouth, club soda, and prosecco to highlight the fruit’s natural sweetness.

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  • My Golden Dram

    My Golden Dram cocktail / Tim Nusog

    Scotch and bubbly are both celebratory drinks, but it’s not often you find the two together. Enter the Golden Dram: A bitter-soaked sugar cube is mixed with a single-malt scotch and topped with prosecco to produce a doubly festive sipper.  

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  • Spring Fever

    Spring Fever cocktail / Tim Nusog

    This spritz is delicious any time of year, thanks to a fruity and floral combination of strawberries, elderflower syrup, lemon juice, and rhubarb bitters topped with sparkling rosé. Should you crave a boozier drink, you can add an ounce of cucumber gin such as Hendrick’s to play off the floral notes.

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  • Forbidden Apple

    Forbidden Apple cocktail / Tim Nusog

    You’ll indeed be tempted by this fruity Champagne Cocktail riff from Bezuidenhout. He adds Calvados apple brandy and Grand Marnier liqueur to the classic Champagne, sugar, and bitters combination.

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