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10 Scotch Cocktails to Make Right Now

Scotland’s version of whisky is wonderful on its own, but it also shines when mixed into cocktails. The deep, smoky flavor of scotch goes just as well with fruit as it does with spices, and it’s versatile enough to work in nightcaps and all-day sippers. Don’t believe us? Check out these 10 cocktails.

  • Godfather

    Tim Nusog

    If you’re looking for something totally easy to mix up for parties, tailgates or even a lazy night in, we’re gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse. All you need for this two-ingredient tipple is scotch and amaretto. Just stir, then sip away.

  • Set the New Year on Fire

    It doesn’t have to be New Year’s Eve for fireworks. Impress with this showstopper, made with lime juice, simple syrup and mint. It’s topped with a float of Campari and a flaming lime shell for extra dramatic effect.

  • Glasgow Mule

    Fans of the Moscow Mule, take note. Ginger beer and lime ditch Russia for Scotland when vodka is swapped out for scotch as this cocktail’s base. Elderflower liqueur adds a hint of sweetness, and Angostura bitters spice it all up.

  • Montgomerie Smoked Cider

    If apple picking in New England could be transformed into a drink, this would be it. Scotch gets a hefty dose of fall when mixed with sweet apple cider and tart lemon juice, resulting in a balanced cocktail that tastes like autumn in a glass.

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  • The Black Scot

    Blackberries help to bring out the vanilla and spice notes of scotch when they’re muddled with honey and lemon. A cinnamon and honey whipped cream topping makes this drink taste like blackberry pie a la mode, making it perfect for dessert.

  • Blood & Sand

    This spirit-forward classic cocktail doesn’t taste like blood or sand. Instead, it’s irresistibly smoky and just a tad sweet, thanks to single-malt scotch, sweet vermouth, Cherry Heering and orange juice.

  • Rosemary Tuck

    Fragrant rosemary, port and scotch combine with orange bitters and fresh orange juice for a drink that’s earthy and warm but not heavy. It’s the perfect way to transition from summer into fall.

  • One-Two Punch

    This fizzy punch shows scotch’s light side. Lemon juice, grapefruit juice and a homemade citrus oleo saccharum give it a tart kick, and topping it with pilsner helps to mellow everything out to make a light and bubbly sipper.

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  • Orange–Vanilla Bean Scotch Smash

    Summer’s over, but you don’t have to leave your Creamsicles in the warmer months. Orange, lemon, vanilla bean and simple syrup balance out scotch’s woodiness for a smash that works any time of year.

  • Bee Sting

    Tim Nusog

    Don’t worry—this cocktail won’t actually sting. Honey liqueur, scotch, Fernet-Branca and fresh tangerine juice get a creamy consistency when thoroughly shaken with an egg white. Strained and topped with bitters, this cocktail will get you buzzing in no time.