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7 Rosé Cocktails You Absolutely Need to Try This Summer

Drinking pink is key to doing the season right.

Provence Cooler cocktail
Provence Cooler Image: Auriela Nossa

Since the brilliant market push of “rosé all day,” summer imbibers have been obsessed with downing pink wine all season long. And love for the drink doesn't stop at girls' nights out and brunch Sundays. Plenty of bartenders have succumbed to rosé’s allure, using it as a building block in cocktails.

Good rosé—not the too-sweet stuff once associated with boxed white zin—imparts so many pleasing characteristics, from fresh flowers to juicy red berries to crisp minerality. And the spectrum of pink shades rosé spans just adds to its irresistibility.

Whether it's a still wine or a rosé with sparkle, dosing your cocktail with the wine of the summer is a great way to celebrate the season. These seven recipes will have you seeing the world through rosé-colored glasses.

  • Rosé All Day

    rose all day cocktail

    Treadwell Park 

    This delicate marriage of sweet white rum, orange, pomegranate and rosé liqueurs, a dash of lemon and, of course, that pump of pink wine is like summer in a glass. Floral yet zesty, this is one to serve for brunch or at your next patio party. And, while you shouldn't really drink all day, you certainly could get away with sipping this all afternoon.

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  • Spring Fever

    spring fever cocktail

     Motel Morris

    This blend of elderflower syrup, lemon juice, cut strawberries and rhubarb bitters was originally made with a vino spumante rosato from Italy, but the recipe works well with any quality pink fizz. The result is flower-forward, sweet and tart. And oh-so-pretty in pink.

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  • Sparkling Rosé Margarita

    Sparkling Rosé Margarita cocktail / Tim Nusog

    If there's any drink that screams summer more than rosé it's a Margarita. This variation uses a strawberry-and-basil-infused tequila, lime juice and agave syrup, plus an entire bottle of sparkling rosé. Did we mention it's served in punch format? Rimming the glasses with crushed rosebud sea salt gives this party bowl an air of romance.

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  • Frosé

    Frosé cocktail



    Yes, yes, we know: Frosé just might have ruined rosé forever. Or––bear with us here––did it maybe get a bad rap unfairly? Puerile portmanteau notwithstanding, the adult slushie sensation is pretty darn refreshing to drink. And fun. A full bottle gets dosed with Aperol, simple syrup and lemon juice for a shamelessly slurpable cocktail. Just toss in the blender for a whir and enjoy.

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  • Vice Royalty

    Vice Royalty Cocktail

    Greg Powers

    This delightfully unexpected riff on a Pisco Sour is a sophisticated intermingling of pisco, Strega, a yuzu-laced mandarin cordial, lime juice and an egg white. Like the original, it gets a few dashes of bitters––Peychaud's, in this case––and a hard shake. Add sparkling rosé to top and this fragrant sipper comes together. The recipe calls for cava, but any dry pink bubbles will do.

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  • Andean Dusk

    Andean Dusk cocktail

    Meaghan Dorman

    Once again playing off pisco, although in a completely novel way, this cocktail is built using muddled red grapes, lemon juice, simple syrup and pink Champagne. It makes sense to use a grape brandy when make wine cocktails. This one leans into the bubbly aspect of the drink, begging to be served in a flute. And if you can, opt for a Champagne in this tantalizing salmon hue. So chic.

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  • Provence Cooler

    provence cooler cocktail
    Auriela Nossa

    The fun part of making cocktails with wine is trying out different bottles to see how each flavor profile plays in your recipe. In this case, is your rosé highlighting the ripe blackberry or fresh basil leaf, the tang of citrus or sharpness of the vodka? Or, maybe don't overthink it and just kick back with this cooler after a long day gardening or at your next garden soirée.

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